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Royce's newbie guide part 8 the final


My name is Royce, I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I have enjoyed this experience for 20 years, and my goal is to provide YOU, the newbie, with the type of help that I wish I had of had back in the day. Understand that I am not a DR a Therapist a writer or any other type of professional, I am just an ms lifer.

All CAPS do not mean I am yelling at YOU, merely that I am trying to make a point, and have not worked out how to tell YOU, that this is important.

I will tell YOU personal things about myself and people I have met in my ms travels, so please do not be shocked this is normally just to make a point, and to let YOU know that I have been where YOU are. Still am in reality, so let's get started.

Here we go. YOU read all this, thank you. Maybe it gave YOU some ideas that YOU can now use for yourself. Relapsing-Remitting multiple sclerosis, is a long-term and rather frustrating illness, but today. A VERY VERY DOABLE condition.

Just slowly get yourself together. Cry your tears, then start to move on. Slowly at first, but then YOU will begin to build up stem like a long train. Some get off your train some get off to go their own way. Do not begrudge them this, just take a step, then another then another.

Find your way and accept that it WILL change. That is the nature of a chronic lifelong medical condition. Just do your best to stay engaged with the world, computers are great fun but they are a very poor substitute for a kiss or a wagging tail. Do NOT be embarrassed by your stumbles and falls, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep walking. It is a long journey we are on with a rather large and wiggly load, but it is our journey and we have to travel it, and we get to carry the bags.

Find yourself a hobby, get a goal, just keep moving. You CAN YOU WILL YOU DO, DO THIS thing they call mslife.

Travel well my friend


20 years and counting

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I LOVE your "I've enjoyed this experience for 20 years". Never quite heard it like that! Me too, I think....this engineer is calculating because I have no clue other than It's been a long time,.. yep, about 20. Yes, you'll get through it. AND there are many, many other things FAR WORSE than MS and all it has to offer. I was lucky to share a hospital room with someone who laid in bed with his chest split open, covered only with a sheet, as they battled an infection after quadruple bypass surgery. AND, with diligent research and effort on your part, not just popping the pill, or taking....the easy way, there ARE People getting better. There's no cure YET, but you CAN GET BETTER! Yes life's going to change. It's not all bad?

VERY VERY true. not all bad at all, just a little different.

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