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This is sort of obvious

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msers, good Monday morning. YOU have a CHRONIC medical illness. Now that we have that clear what are YOU going to do about it? Something or nothing? If YOU pick nothing, then ignore this message it is not for YOU.

On the other hand, being YOU and wanting to be in the best possible shape for when they find what causes the illness and wanting to have a decent life, YOU have to do a few things.

I have said most of this before, but there is some new stuff if YOU bear with me. I will try to keep the old stuff brief.

1. wear your protective underwear, DEPENDS are my choice.

2. take a Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) My 3rd one is Tecfidera, originally Betaferon then interferon beta 1a, not Avonex the 3x a week one, Now Tecfidera. Do YOU see, if it does not work try something else, but do something.

3 EXERCISE, EAT better. cut back on the creamy cheesecake and try to be a little heart healthier.

4. Cut back or eliminate the SMOKING and DRINKING. Bad habits and a little expensive honestly.

5. One of my favourites. When somebody says "I can cure YOU" Before YOU open your wallet, track the money. Who is getting rich from your spending, how many cured, proof of it. Be sceptical, be inquisitive, ASK QUESTIONS. My suggestion is that if a claim can not be proven I am keeping my money, it is not as though I have much.

6. YOU have an incurable, life long illness. Honestly, that sucks, but there is no need to sit in a corner and cry for the next 50 years. Because yes my friend, YOU probably have 40 to 60 years to go in this mslife, think about that. 40 to 60 years. So WHAT are YOU going to do? I really like my pirate flag on my scooter, I do not drive. I like looking at cool odd canes. I do not need one but boy there are some cool ones out there, whoever knew? Not me for sure.

Do YOU see, do YOU hear, can YOU imagine, YOU have along long way to go on this journey. YOU have it better than anybody before YOU. A wheelchair, a scooter, a cane, does NOT have to be inevitable for your future. There are so many choices available to YOU. All that needs to be done is that second choice, what DMT. Depends are pretty much a no-brainer. Beyond that, it really not that hard anymore. Just slowly walk along your path, have some fun with your mslife and live. The tools are out there that suit YOU, all that needs to be done is the first choice, DMT then the rest will just start to fall into place.

This IS something that YOU can do. JUST START with that first choice. Which DMT.


Not taking my mslife to seriously

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Good readπŸ‘πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜‰. Ken

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