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Lots to do, never stop learning.


The title pretty much says it all, especially when YOU are new to our Journey. I will admit to slacking off on own knowledge as the years have gone by. You do not have to make ms the be all and end all of your life. Some of us have other priorities. That is okay, do NOT beat yourself up that YOU make ms number 3 or 4 in YOUR life.

This is a long generational illness, it will take YOU a long time to get it under some control. Then it will change on YOU and YOU get to start again. There is no winning, just the playing of a game, where the rules are constantly changing. Be like bamboo, strong, yet flexible. Do not set rules in stone to follow. They hurt YOU when they have to be broken. Just know your end goal and do what YOU have to do to get there.

I have said it before & I am sure I will say it again. Only YOU lies in bed at 3 am wondering, only YOU stand in the grocery store as YOUR bladder decides to let loose and flow. I can not be there with you I can just make suggestions, based on my experiences. Beating myself up and yelling at myself really never helps. A shrug and a " will not do that again", until next time, I am a hard-headed man remember :-), is all I need to do.

Be gentle with yourself, learn what YOU must learn, ask what YOU need to ASK. Live this journey, as well as YOU, can & if YOU do not meet somebody else's standard, just remember. It is their standard, not YOURS. Meet YOUR own standards and be flexible enough to change them if that keeps you on the ms path.

Always be gentle with yourself. YOU will make mistakes, we all do, but they do not have to break you, Just bend YOU a little more. Of course not starting your Disease Modifying Therapy will break YOU so take YOUR medicine.

Now get yourself moving, it is a long journey.


One step at a time.

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I learn alot everyday about this MS. ❤🌷

Well said.

I agree with all you have posted except for DMT for me. I have no tolerance to them, and my neurologist agrees that my MRIs come back with no new lesions and I am progressing along this disease maze like everybody else. I have multiple auto immune diseases, so that is why she refuses to blame everything on MS. I am the person in my family who inherited all of the bad health genes. Sucks to be me.

I understand, if YOU and YOUR doc are comfortable that YOU are doing the best YOU can, carry on I guess.

I like your post....each one of us has a journey. We don't necessarily choose the journey we are on. It's not what we go thru, but how we go thru what ever we are handed. I believe nothing happens by chance, and it's all a test. We can either have a negative attitude or a positive one...the choice is ours. Being human, I sometimes forget this and have to be reminded....the choice we are given is not what we go thru, but how. Hopefully in the end it will be said, "she fought the good fight.and decided to comfort and encourage others around her while doing it".

RoyceNewton in reply to June--

Agreed well put


Perfectly Said. When I'm done shopping of course I have to go to the bathroom.

Yuk I say to myself more walking.... I say at least I know where the bathroom is and hope it's available. And I say I can walk! Think of so many people in this world who can't.


Thanks for that advice. You are so right on all of it. I'm trying my best to do all I need to do.

We've all got to do what is best .

Hanging in there!!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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