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Dr AAron Boston on Youtube worth watching


G'day ALL. Somebody posted this Gentleman's name yesterday, so I looked it up last night. After 2 hours of watching when I really should have been in bed, I concluded that this bloke was REALLY worth listening to, naturally, my suggestion is. take some time and listen to him.

Watching him YOU will see that he has 4 recommendations initially, which I am not going to tell YOU so YOU watch his videos. I would add a couple based on my 19+ years experience.

FIRST: Wear protective underwear, DEPENDS. Not sexy but neither is soiling your pants. If YOU must, decorate them, actually I do. The wife thinks I am quite mad.

Second; Get a Road ID wrist strap. I have 3 which state, NAME HEALTH CONDITIONS, BLOOD TYPE, HEALTH ALLERGIES, and EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS. Very helpful for when nobody can understand YOU.

Third; START developing HABITS. Do things the same way every day, teach others around you to behave that way as well. That way YOU do not have to think so much about what and when to do things, and where things are. Children will love this, as it gives them some order in a very chaotic situation.

Fourth; maybe this should be higher up the list but here it is anyway. TALK, to YOUR significant other. Express your concerns fear, future goals. YES, YOU really do have future goals, don't YOU? SO TALK.

ms is a generational condition. A generation is around 20 years, so basically YOU, my friend, will have this trickster with you for a VERY LONG time, so get some new goals. Get them and start living towards them, of course, YOU are still like BAMBOO. IF YOU come up against a strong wind, YOU will bend and adapt, always, bend never break.

As much as we have to be ever watchful of taking our medicines, eating well, exercising there is one other thing that I have NOT noticed people talking about very much.

YOUR MENTAL health. Psychological, not physical condition. Do YOU admit your fears, talk about them, prepare for a day when they might come to fruition? Do not be housebound due to your fears. Confront them and prepare for them. Soiling myself in public can be soul destroying, or you can be prepared, put your head high, own the situation and walk confidently to the bathroom or out the door. It IS YOUR choice, what are YOU going to do? Prepare yourself and if it ever happens just follow the plan.

Do YOU see, ms can be a very scary monster under the bed, or u can turn the light on, put some sheets around the bed to trap him there, Then just close your eyes and go to sleep knowing that YOU are safe for another night of sweet dreams

Do what YOU need to do to sleep well my friend, a new day awaits. Wake up rested and enthusiastic.

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A good enthusiastic post. Thanks Royce, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

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Thank you for making others aware of Dr. B. If it’s even possible with a MSologist so far away, who is not my clinician, this man demystified the crazy disease I have. His YouTube learning channel is his latest foray into reaching the MS population around the globe. I applaud his dedication to us. You can also follow him on Twitter with Ohio Health, which is where I first found him. What happened after was cyclical. I suddenly found other MS practioners posting very valuable information; MS study trials, etc.

I’ll end this with a favorite Dr B hashtag, #WeHaveMS. 😁

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I wish my neuro could practice like him. Maybe he would get it right one day, probably not.

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It took him awhile over the years to get to this point. There were several stumbles in the social media world, but he's very determined. He saw a need. Hired a media consultant for his center and everything started moving. As a result of watching his videos, listening to neuro presentations via other learning channels, my neuro's job got so much easier. I'm able approach the bi-annual appointment armed with valuable knowledge, so our time isn't wasted.

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very good I enjoyed his teaching

Your post inspired me to watch Dr.B on utube, but I cannot find it! Any help?

you tube Dr Aron Boster, try that

I haven't gone to YouTube yet but that was a very inspiring post. You pointed out the important things it takes to get through a day, even if you don't have MS. Thank you for sharing your good life tips.

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