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I don’t know where everyone is from, I am from Massachusetts and I think we are on day 7 or is it 8 of 97*f +++

Temperature 🤒 and I think we may have 2 to 3 days more of this weather. I said to my son I think I would rather have the cold weather. Yes I just said that the person who can’t stand the cold. I don’t know about any one else but my legs work better in about 65*f weather.

I know I have an air conditioner which is great 👍 don’t get me wrong but really this is ridiculous the humidity is crazy high. Well I hope everyone is safe in this weather. Try to stay cool. I think we are going to get a good thunderstorm on Friday and then it’s supposed to get a little cooler.


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Hey ssdw1958,

It is easier to deal with the colder weather BUT not the snow and ice that might be along with it. Hot weather is just so draining but thank goodness for AC! That is my life saver!

Other things that I find helpful and not cost an arm or a leg:

Ice cubes/crushed ice

Cooling towels

Loose clothing

Early/late day for errands

Water bottles with fans

My legs are not what they once were but walk/dance I will! Until I cannot, then I will find some other way to move in any kind of temperature :-D

Keep smiling,


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Great suggestions, I also keep a spray bottle of water nearby give my face, neck and arms a squirt now and then.. I have long hair and a braid used to do me, but with MS, even a braid feels like a fur coat, so I frequently wet down my hair and put it in a "messy bun" on top of my head. We barely cook anything when it's this hot.

I wear lots of loose cotton clothing or a comfortable nightie if we're not going anywhere.

Stay hydrated for sure. Check in with elderly family and neighbors. We were tickled when neighbors came over to check on us.😀

Hello ssdw1958, same here in Mich 7 straight days of 90 plus it's been horrible, GOD BLESS!!

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It is almost 4am and the soles of my feet are numb and hurt so bad I can’t sleep I sure hope they are right that we are going to get a rain storm and get rid of this humidity.

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