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Manage and Advocate for yourself from day 1


Good Morning, I hope everything is still working to your satisfaction, and of course, what is not working you have started looking for a way around it. This morning I noticed 2 different readings on a blood test yesterday. Same vampire, same blood, the same time taken, same screeners yet we have different results.

Observation of my condition. Paying attention, know I will go to the Dr and ask for an explanation, and watch for this again in the future. I am not worried, I know that I am still in range, but it does benefit me to see for myself what is going on, and not just take somebody else's word for MY health condition.

I understand that this diagnosis may be a shock, perhaps even overwhelming, but lace your bootstraps up, my friend. Stand TALL, put your shoulders back and start or continue moving along the path. This may be a little scary at first, but it is something that YOU CAN and WILL learn to MANAGE. ms IS a MANAGEABLE illness. All YOU have to do is decide to do is take that first step and then the second.

I will make it easier for you,

First Step, Disease-Modifying Drugs

Second Step, a better diet

Third step, Start Exercising

Fourth step, Start taking notes of everything.

The fifth step, drinking and smoking are probably not your friends, just saying

Now that was all very easy, wasn't it? You, my friend, are now on your way on your ms journey. Yes, there are details, YOU will fill them in whatbest suits YOU, and YOU will change them over time because YOU my friend are flexible. YOU will BEND with the unexpected winds YOU will face but there is NEVER a reason to break. Be like BAMBOO. bend do not break.

As you become more comfortable. As much as you can with this tricksy disease. Ask YOURSELF "what type of future do I want"? YOU do have a future. YOU have more options than anyone before YOU. Take those options and as best YOU can live the ms life we wish we could have had. Be the FIRST fixed one day.


Continuing our walk

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Keep on moving on moving on....

RoyceNewton in reply to ssdw1958

what we must keep doing.

Hi, Royce. Your latest post inspired me, truly. I’ve got Steps 2, 4, and 5 in progress, and Step 3 as soon as my husband moves my exercise bike out of the living room. Number 1, though, I am on ONE DMT, that’s Ocrevus. After reading many people’s posts on the subject, I think I can ask my neuro for another, maybe lots more. It just didn’t occur to me that I could ask for it.

Thank you, Royce, for that inspiring post.

my pleasure

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