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LIFE after Diagnoses

Newly Dxd, Do Not despair your life is not over, u r not condemned to every problem u c here, u are NOT guaranteed to become an invalid, This is NOT to much for u to handle. Take it easy, do not expect to conquer Rome in one day. Slow down u r in for a long haul, beware of people with cures, " as long as u take this supplement or operation" They want your money and trust me in years to come you would rather not have spent that money.

Get on a Disease Modifying Therapy yesterday, this is something u will not regret. If it makes u feel bad change but first find a new ons. Ask here I know u will find somebody who takes that drug.

Things Will happen, it is not all ms, so stay healthy. KEEP NOTES and records u will not regret this in the future.

In closing remember, u r not the only one ever scared, do NOT be shy talk to us and start being a little kinder to yourself, u r in for a rollercoaster ride that makes Disney look lame,


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Well said, Royce!


Outstanding post Royce. I only wished someone had this conversation with me when I was newly diagnosed.


Good post Royce, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫


Fabulous advice xxx 😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Once again you nailed it!! Well thought out very impressive words of wisdom.

Wishing you the best and take care of you :)


You are so right! Smart words!

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