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hmm important lesson here


Hello, the important lesson is. Start something, do not stop it, keep at it, slow down on something perhaps a little at times, "BUT" never stop. We have ms, it is diabolical and tricksy. It wants to take, take, take, "YOU" know what it is like. There are somethings that "YOU" are willing to give up, to change. Some not so much.

Have a good look at yourself, find out who "YOU" really are. This is not always the simplest of goals but well worth putting a little time into thinking about. I personally have spent years and years and a lot of money. Thinking I was only one thing. To find now that perhaps I was wrong.

If "YOU" can be multiple things I commend "YOU"< "YOU" are probably a mother. Wrong sex so I think I would be best served to stick to one thing.

Find that one thing and stick to it for as long as it serves your goal. The goal being of course to manage your ms, so when they get a really good treatment, "YOU" along with me are eligible to take it.

"SO", do that sit up, eat right, TAKE your disease-modifying therapy (DMT). Be smart about your condition. Sticking your head in the sand never ever helped anyone.


do not stop, keep going, never stop

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Hey RoyceNewton,

I have a mantra when it comes to my quilting, "Finished is Better Than Perfect".

Once again, very thoughtful post!

NEVER GIVE UP NEVER GIVE IN ~ kdali mantra, and I have adopted this mantra as well! :-D

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

well done, I am just to bloody-minded to stop and to lazy to think of something new :-)

jimeka in reply to RoyceNewton

A new challenge Royce. Think of something new. Blessings Jimeka 🦋

RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

yes, well I may have found one already.

jimeka in reply to RoyceNewton

I shall wait in anticipation 🦋

RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

nah it is okay more of a personal health issue

Thank you Royce, for another helping post. Linda

Fantastic Advice! Thanks for sharing.


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