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My Rescue Kitty


Just had to tell you all about something that happened about 10 days ago. Of course we all love our pets very much and many dogs can sense diabetes and other problems, but I seriously believe I have a Rescue Me kitty. One night at about

2:00 AM, I woke up with the kitty tapping me on the cheek. My temperature was climbing rapidly and my legs were having spasms/charlie horses from my toes to my hips. I made it to the bathroom, cooled myself with cool wet clothes and took an extra dose of Baclofen. Sat in the recliner, started drinking lots of cool water. Kitty was my shadow the whole time making sure I was okay. Eventually, he laid alongside of me the rest of the night. I don't know what was going to happen if my Rescue Kitty hadn't "Rescued me. I got some rest, temp went down and leg problems stopped. I didn't wake hubby, because I just knew Kitty would if needed.

Perhaps we need to hear more about all of our pets that have rewarded us in some way.

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nice, we have two rescue dogs. one is very close to me and awakes me at night from time to time when I get too warm or "needs" that she has. Many times I think she rescued me. Either way, we both win.

I love that story CalfeeChick and he/she is very handsome but why did you have a fever?

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to erash

I have no idea why my fever was going up. Maybe I was exposed to a bug and somehow my body fought it off. I was fine by the next morning. We have increased the baclofen to up to 8 a day, but that turns me into a zombie.

I totally believe in animals knowing..i have yes WOW 3 dogs..they do get to be a chore espically in an apt..but they seem to know when your hurting or upset they just cuddle up to you ..i really think animals know alot more than people give them credit for!!!!


Your rescue kitty is beautiful! he/she looks like my fella who was always there for me when I needed. He was in my life for almost 20 years, but he's sadly no longer. Keep your kitty close to you and give him/her big hugs from me.


CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to jennie62

jennie62 our little man, actually 18lbs, was a rescue kitty. We got him a little over 6 years ago and I believe he adopted us. He has been a joy, loves to play and snuggle. He's become quite territorial and has driven away all the strays in the neighborhood.

jennie62 in reply to CalfeeChick

Mine was 15lbs and was a rescue kitty too. He was found wandering aimlessly up and down a busy road by friends and I had to take him in. He was a wonder to have and also loved to snuggle and play. I remember when we took him in he loved to sleep in a potted plant I had and became known as my Potted Pet. My daughter loved him as much as I did. I have pictures (somewhere) of them snuggling with each other. She was less than 3 yrs old and he was a kitten. He knew I had migraines and often became what I called my cat hat. Boy do I miss him.

Thank you for the good kitty story. Animals are really quite amazing. I am glad you have such a handsome smart kitty. Lots of stories about pets being good medicine for MS. 🐱🐶🐰🙂

Pets are amazing my 2 cats Milly + Molly are now 16 and are my 2 bodyguards lol bless them both xxxxx. Animals are better than people a lot of the time 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

I like the way they know when your not feeling your best. They surely are a gift, and they don’t talk back and give you stress. Saying that Razor can be quite vocal when he wants feeding or letting out. Your cat is a very handsome feline, I bet he gives lots of cuddles 🐈 🐕

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to jimeka

Lots of snuggles for sure. we have our own little routine at night, he crawls up on my chest, then rolls off into the crook of my arm like a little baby. Legs up in the air, I give him a belly rub until we both fall asleep.

jimeka in reply to CalfeeChick

Aww! 🦋 🐈


I’m relieved that you’re all right, and that you have your trusty guard cat on duty!

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to greaterexp

The other day when we got back from hubby’s eye surgery, Kitty was waiting by garage door 😄💓🧡🧡🧡

CalfeeChick that is so great about your kitty!! Animals sense things about people that we never know that we will never know how or why!! But your Rescue Kitty knew something wasn't right and she alerted you to it. Good kitty!!


Beautiful Kitty! Our late, Aussie Shepherd Riley, trained himself to look after me. Before a walk, I had to gather a hat, sunglasses, water bottle, and walking stick. If I attempted to leave without any, he would stop and stare at it until I caught on. Sure miss him.

My baby, my kitty "Cobweb", who died last year, would curl up at night by whatever portion of my body didn't feel good. If my stomach hurt, she was my hot water bottle. If I had a headache, she would curl up beside my head and purr. Soothing! I miss her.

Years ago my baby was "Gypsy". She also was so in tuned to me. I remember being in the bathroom feeling horrible and she chased her tail around and around until I would laugh.

Our special babies.... If only our families were in tuned to us...

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to mrsmike9buffering

How true!


Thank you all for your comments and stories of your fur babies. I also had another kitty that became riddled with cancer, heartbreaking to ever lose a precious fur baby.

CalfeeChick I am so happy Rescue Kitty rescued you!I couldn't be there(i wish i had) to help but lets face it this purry beautiful spirit of a kitty knows what you are feeling and one of the best nurses one could have.Im thankful you feel better!Im wondering if virus's etc trigger worse with our MS or it is what it is....Hydrate!xoxoxox jj

We have a Goldendoodle, Rozy (80lbs.) and a Bachen Friez, Sniper (20lbs.) both rescued. Sniper is my wife’s shadow and love bug and Rozy is mine 👍She keeps such a close eye on me and thinks she is my lap dog 🐕😂🤣. She is so calming when I feel bad 😢 Cheers me up👍Like everyone says they know when you feel bad and always right there 🤗. Love our furbabies as part of family 🙏🐾🐩🐕. Ken PS your 🐱 is beautiful with those wiskers 👍

I’m glad you had your kitty by your side.


I love reading animal stories CalfeeChick 💕 They always seem to bring a smile to everyone' face! ☺😊

Your Kitty🐱 is quite the handsome fellow! And very smart! I hope your felling better now?


CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Jesmcd2

I can't believe how tired I have been, I actually did not turn on a pc yesterday. Did some shopping, spent alot of time in bed with my cuddly kitty watching Nat'l Geographic on TV. Kitty really does watch TV. Always looks at the tv as he walks into the bedroom..

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