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Hypnotherapy: Help for the Stress of Living With MS

I saw this article and wanted to pass it on.

Here is the link


I tried when I was in law school the only thing it did for me was make me because I wasted my money. I was more stressed afterward. I didn't have MS at the time.

It may work for someone else

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Interesting. They mention “self hypnosis.” I would almost call that meditation, yes? I’ve found meditating to be helpful in the past for other reasons...I might try it again after reading this article.


I would call it meditation! 😄 Qt314grl I meditate when I can. 😊 but finding a half hour of piece and quite here?😒 Good luck!😄

Good article rjoneslaw not sure if I could trust someone enough to hypnotize me tho.😄

Jes 🌠🎄


I don't think that I can be hypnotized. I don't buy into it...maybe I've seen too many showpeople, but I don't. I don't buy into acupuncture either, and it never worked for me either.



I didn't believe that I could be hypnotized. I went to win a bet with a then boyfriend (yes he lost) and yes I did get my money back. I think the lady was pissed at me because she told me in order for it to work I had to believe in the process which I didn't

As for acupuncture I don't get it and I'm not going to let someone stick needles in me


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