Public service announcement

Good morning, or evening depending on you country and time zone.

First let me say, As usual. I love you all!

Next my PSA. USE A FLASH LIGHT OR BRIGHT NIGHT AT NIGHT IN YOUR ROOM IF YOU HAVE A DOG!!!!!! So here is why. As some of you know, I had steroids last week! Man I managed to do so well with Them! Kept my blood sugars around 150. Felt not so bad, in fact I was starting to feel better! Amazing!

So, here is the story of how I went from doing amazing to doing so bad in a second. Maybe less.

I got up went the bathroom. Yes, I am that old that I get up in the middle of the night for the bathroom. Anyway. I have a 100lb yellow lab. I know where he sleeps in his bed at the end of mine. His feet and his super duper heavy bone are often in my way of walking. This I am accustomed to. So, on the way back I use either my feet or cane to feel for them/it. I found his paws as usual. The problem was his paws were not just hanging over the edge of his bed. He had moved into my path in between my bed and chair! So when I stepped over where his paws normally lay, my foot came one his body. I ended up throwing my cane throwing my cane. Hitting my wife in the head, bouncing my right side off the bed, while tearing something in my shoulder. After bouncing on my right side, I landed against my new chair with my left side slamming that up against the wall. That mercifully, gave my dog (Rudy) time to get out from under me. Then I slammed into the floor belly first and smacking my head head on my night stand. Thus ruining my 5 day streak of doing so well with my infusion steroids!!!!! Now I get up, put one of those damned head led lights on. Then head off to the bathroom. I look like I am off to go spelunking! So friggin annoying!

Sorry that it has taken me over a week to write this. My cog fog always gets way worse when I fall and hit my head! It has taken me an hour to write this already! OH, PLEASE LAUGH! Cause this is funny! Something only a MS patient can experience! I am laughing now. ! wasn't the morning after. It hurt. Also, I kept forgetting to write this. I can't. sleep and remembered I had something to share. So here it is. Please enjoy a good laugh! When I think about it. I laugh! Especially putting on my damned headlight to use the bathroom!

I pray for all of you everyday!



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  • I'm so sorry you are having more troubles than usual! However, I'm so glad you shared. This is so funny and so relatable that I can't see through my funny tears πŸ˜‚ to even write this!

    I had a 130 lb Golden Retriever (yes, we had to stop feeding him pizza crust) that would add to my daily struggles. I'll always treasure those memories since he just passed in March. He also was irreplaceable!!!

    Maybe we should start a take on just funny things our pets do! Since most of the time they are just hanging out or sleeping like in your case. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • I'm sorry you last your pet. I last my best friend lab New year's Eve and I still cry because I miss him so much.

  • Like you said! I cherish these memories with him! He is my retirement buddy! But if I had a nickel for every time he almost takes me out trying to get by me and knocks my cane out. SMH! Dumb dog! But this sure was funny! After the fact!

  • rlh1974, we won't laugh at you, but will laugh with you! I sure hope you're feeling better and didn't hurt anything too badly.

    My sister brought her headlamp light on a trip with myself and a friend so she could read without disturbing us. She called it "Cyclops!" We laughed more about that goofy-looking headlight that week!

    We love you, too! Be careful!

  • rlh1974 OMGosh! Lol. No one can fall like an MS patient! Always such a calamity! :O I'm sorry that you managed to hit your head.

    Say, they make canes that have these lights attached to them. Pretty nifty. I have night lights throughout the house that automatically turn on when it's dark. I don't even have to think about it. Tell me your head light is not one like the ones coal miners wear?

  • Oh it is!!!! Like a previous comment. Cyclops

  • Oh, I'm sorry. That makes it even more hysterical! πŸ˜‚


    This disease is so humiliating.

  • rlh1974 Forgot to ask. What are you mining for in the bathroom anyway?

  • Oh! Also, I would have those nightlights if all my outlets were not covered by furniture! I have seen those. They look pretty handy!

  • Hahahahaha....I am LMAO. What a sight that must have been! My question is how is your wife? Poor innocent casualty....

    Since you are in a new room maybe it will take el largeo time to find his permanent spot?

  • He is just old and an idiot! He always stays in his bed! Don't know why he pulled that trick! But he is 11 and is loosing his mind. Maybe he has MS like me! πŸ˜‚

  • That's right. Blame the victim. πŸ˜‚

  • Nom_De_Plume You crack me up!!!!!! LOL

  • Also, my wife is fine! She is a tough gal! I should write a story later about this weekend and my wife and daughters Segway tour! That one will make you guys laugh your butts off! Me getting stones out of my wife's arm and my daughters broken leg! The most hilarious story! You guys will be in tears! Right down to the tour guide biting it in a mud puddle! And no worries, my daughter hasn't finished puberty so it's a bulge in he bone. Not a fracture! Otherwise she would be like me and have a few screws and plates! I'm in the middle of a panic attack over today's list. I will write about that all later!

    I love all of you and how we can all laugh at each other, because every one of us has a dumbass story like this. One only we can have!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£



  • rlh1974 We'd love to hear that story too, but if you write too many too quickly, we'll all have belly spasms.

  • Nom_De_Plume but maybe it will keep me from focusing on my panic attacks today!

  • Well, okay, sure, think about yourself first.

    Seriously though, how can you be panicking when you're laughing??

  • Wow, I bet you laughed, I would have too! How is your shoulder? How is the rest of you?

    Hope you are not to messed up, physically that is.


  • Wow, sorry about all of that, sure hope you and the doggie are both ok. It seems we have little flashlights all over the house, even before MS. Hubby has glaucoma and I think I just am overly cautious. Feel better soon, Lynn

  • Glad you lived to have a future mishap! Sounds like a lot of fun at your house. I have 3 dogs, 2 that follow me every where. The 15 year old follows me everywhere, it's hard to move my walker around her, I'm so. Afraid she will cause me to fall on her!

  • rlh1974 if you could reinact that exactly with someone taking a video, you would win $10,000 on AFV!!! That is the craziest funniest oddest story I have ever heard. And yes, I am smiling but I couldn't laugh cause I know you had to be hurt!!!🀣

  • agapepilgrim That is so true though! We should walk around with body cams. Maybe even profit off of this dastardly disease.

    Oh wait, a body cam wouldn't capture the image of our bodies contorting and flying through space. Never mind. That's the best part. :( Dang.

  • rlh1974 you don't do things by halves! Hope you have recovered, but what about your shoulder? Don't tell me it was your good one? I am here in the middle of the night, wet uk, with my duvet stuffed in my mouth, as everyone is asleep 😴 I am trying not to make any noise, my bed is shaking, I am laughing so much. Thank you. On a more serious note, it could have been more serious for both you and your poor wife, and how is your daughters broken leg? Please take care, blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹ 🌈 🐢 πŸ˜‚ 🀑 β›‘ just thought, bubble wrap pyjamas!

  • My should already has tears my orthopedics will not touch until my arm doesn't work. It tore a little more. But my MS meds take care of it. Soon my arm won't work and they will fix it! Then chualk up yet another surgery for Rob. Just another day in the day and life of RobπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • I'm dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Kudos to you for the 150's! πŸŽ‰

  • Rob, this reminds me of why I now turn on a light when I get up in the night.

    I got up one night and stepped on a magazine. I went flying. My Right ankle twisted and I flipped back and hit the nightstand with my arm and head. Then I came down on my left ankle and it twisted over. I had to crawl back to bed and my husband is STILL snoring away!!. I woke him up and had him help me to the potty because both my feet hurt.

    After walking around for 3 weeks in pain, I went to my podiatrist. He x-rays my feet. BOTH were broken, stress like fractures. The right was the worst, so I got a "boot" to walk around in for 3 weeks.

    Now, I make sure there are no magazines on the floor and I turn on my nightstand light to see.

    My dog is a little weenie dog and she sleeps in the bed with us.

  • Kath55 that is almost as good. if not better than my story!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow Rob. That sounds like something I would so Even though I stumble like a drunk in full light I still refuse to turn on a light to go to the bathroom during the night. I had prostate surgery in Jan 2016 to cure spending my nights in the bathroom and it was great. Then came ms in April 2017 and ended that blessing. Now I not only have to go to the bathroom in the night but I stumble like a mad man in the dark. I'd have loved to have seen that. Haha. If we can't laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at. Haha. Glad your ok buddy. Love you man and God bless you your dog and your wife.

  • Doubled51 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ funnier than a sitcom!

  • Hi Rob just want you to know sorry to say you made me laugh then you made me cry. My husband was in the other room and heard me he wanted to know what the matter was why are you crying and I tried to tell him but I couldn't say I was crying 😭 and laughing so hard. I do want to know how your wife and dog are. Also what did your wife do. I am sorry that your streak of feeling good had to run out like that.

    Make sure you don't run out of batteries.

    P.S. I have a night light in my kitchen so I don't roll over anything or anyone with my rollator.

    Good luck to you.

  • Oh the dog got out before he got all 225lbs of me on him. Although he is 11, he is a quick guy. And my wife shook of the surprise and was up and helping me in about 2 seconds! She is a freaking rockstar! The best part of this story is all the comments about you all laughing so hard you either need to be quiet to not wake the house or the tears that come from laughter! That makes my day! That was the point! So much of what we do is complain sometimes, without noticing. I wanted to make you all laugh! Cause only all of you could understand and laugh!

    Love you all so much!


  • That is so true I read and told it to my husband and son's and they couldn't believe I was laughing πŸ˜‚ about it. My one son said asked how your wife was.

  • You have a sweet son! She is fine, the cane hit here under a nice thick comforter! Since you know, I can't sleep when it's over 60f! She thought I was just shaking her arm.

    Love you all! And your amazing kids!😁


  • I have to agree with you that my son is a very good young man he was concerned about your wife getting hit by your son now is a Junior in college he couldn't believe I was laughing but was glad to hear she was ok. He is such a good boy he drove me into Boston when My husband couldn't

    We are glad that everyone is doing well.

    Stay safe

  • You to keep smiling because no one will know what you are thinking:)

  • Rob, we have five doggies, three sleep on the bed with us, but of course the coal black ones sleep in the hall on the way guessed it the bathroom!!! Since I get up about four times a night to go, I play a very careful guessing game where are the black dogs? I cannot tell you how many times I have tripped over their lazy rear ends before I started using a very bright flashlight! I have a headlamp too and I love it for the basement, shed, etc. My hubby even has his own, we look quite cool when we wear them together! Lol Love you, be safe, Kelly

  • Amore55 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ priceless!

  • Indeed!😜

  • Amore55 LOL !! Maybe you should put glow in the dark collars and tape on those black doggies.

  • Sorry about the unlucky happenings!

    Positive thoughts, laughter, and a fix to keep u safe!

    Best of luck!

  • Don't be sorry! Laugh! It's hilarious!!!!! Seriously! I laugh every time I tell the story, or think about it!


  • OK, rlh1974 , I think we've recovered from your post, whew, and are ready for the next one about what happened last weekend, .... or about your list from the other day. Please share when you can! :)

  • Thanks for sharing Rob! Glad you and your wife are ok. The story is funny and reminded me of a similar situation.

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