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I wish I had a link to a video for us. There was a TV report on self-defense for those of us that use a cane. It showed different ways to use your cane as a quick weapon and to YELL if you feel danger or someone was to grab for you, a purse or wallet. You can really wack someone in the face, stomach, arms or legs. I believe the report was for blind or nearly blind people, but I think any of us could use a cane if needed. The yelling keeps us breathing instead of holding our breath and yelling draws attention. I just thought it was worthwhile to share.

Hope we never have the need to use a cane as a weapon.

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  • Outstanding advice!!

  • My biggest fear with using my cane (or in my case, walking stick), as a weapon is speed. Actually, lack of speed. Unless you are able to get in a really good smack quickly, an assailant would probably just be angered and take it away and use it on you instead. I've always wondered if perhaps tripping would be the way to begin. I really don't know. I wish there were a place nearby where I could go for personalized training. Sorry to be a wet blanket. Thanks for posting this, it's something to think about.

  • joys-an21 most police stations offer basic self-defense. You might want to ask your local station?

  • I have snow/ice "pick" on the end of my cane. Easily folded up or down as needed. These are picks and sharp. Would be attackers would be sorry to try to hurt me.

  • CalfeeChick i know your post is both important and serious but it reminded me of the comment my husband said to me as we strolled on a crowded street yesterday, "you can pretend you're like that villain in the James Bond film. Your cane is loaded with poisoned darts and you can take out those people that cut you off as we're walking." ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐ŸŽฏ

  • CalfeeChick what a great idea!

  • Great idea CalfeeChick !If your getting mugged or attacked or something l would definitely use my cane and be screaming my head off! "They" (whoever "they" are) say to help Fire! As you get more attention that way?

    And joys-an21 l don't think l would stop hitting once l started, just because l know l couldn't out run him. This isn't some horror movie ๐Ÿ˜…

    Kath55 where did you find a pick for your cane? I have never heard of that before.

    Do it erash 10 points for every one you take out!๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜…๐ŸŒ 

  • Jesmcd2. Found the pick at medical equipment store. Here, "Peaks & Plains" I've had it a few years now. Works great in ice.

  • Those ice picks look like they could do some MAJOR damage Kath55 !! Remind me to not mess with you! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…


  • The vulnerability of persons who are frail and/or handicapped is not a new concern, of course.

    Sword canes have been in use for several hundred years, for the purpose of giving the easily-targeted a means of defensive response. Now, I think that the concept has evolved even to include "taser canes."

    There's also a "stun cane"--

    My favorite idea of them all, however, is the "pepper spray cane"--

    This last one reminds of The Penguin, from back in the after-school TV days. . .

    Personally, I'd rather hope to diffuse the situation, and talk with the aggressor about the Lord-- they'd likely need the introduction . . . .

    -- Christopher

  • GasLight so silly and primitive but I loved batman back then and chuckled watching it this morning ๐Ÿ˜…

  • That is way to funny GasLight !! Reminds me of watching it as a kid at my neighbors house.๐Ÿ˜…

    Those links are cool, would love to have a cane with a Taser or better yet the pepper spray. But then you have to look up your state laws about concealed weapons and all that stuff. And isn't pepper spray illegal in some states to us reg. People? I can't remember ๐Ÿ˜•


  • You know, Jesmcd2, I think that ANY time we contemplate using violence against another person (even in a defensive posture), we'd be well advised to consult each and every available resource (including any and all state, federal and local ordinances on the subject). Proper training in the use of one's selected instrumentality would also be highly recommended.

    Unless, of course, one's chosen methods of disarmament are a kind word and a smile (my two personal favorites). There's not even an owners manual for these.


  • I totally agree with the kind words and a smile GasLight . Believe me, when l say that l have defused many a situation from going to far. With me and others. I also believe that not putting yourself in silly situations also. IE. The milk can get picked up in the morning.โ˜บ

    Unfortunately God Forbid, there might be a time that KNOWING how to defend yourself could come in handy. So most DEFINITELY find out your State laws and your town/city ordinance's!

    And it's not contemplating to use violence another. I call it being prepared. I grew up with cops, what can I say?๐Ÿ˜…. I'm also a firm believer in "God only Helps Those Who Help Themselves"


  • ddeadred

    It's going to take practice for me to wield a cane like that without losing my balance and ending up on my butt. Maybe the would be assailant will fell sorry for me? Not!

  • IF I could have had the darn thing load completely, I know I'd be on my butt too, erash... stupid laptop allow had problems that frustrate me to the point of just forgetting about it!!! Balance??? What's that??? I don't have any either...

  • ddeadred nice video, l love the press they have! And you can practice the moves at home, so they can become almost second nature. Thank you for sharing!!โ˜บ


  • Grrr spell CK๐Ÿ˜  not press! But moves!!!! ddeadred

  • Interesting post Calfeechick. I know that I have personally adapted my behaviour since I bacame 'disabled' 4 years back. Although I got stick free for 2 1/2 years after first neuro event, I was aware that between the tinnitus, bad eyesight and lurching gait that did not allow me to break into a run, I was at a disadvantage to an average person for seeing/hearing potential trouble or getting away from it fast. Whereas I used to take my dogs out at all times of day or night, in whatever secluded, badly lit local areas I pleased I became aware that this was perhaps not the most sensible thing to be doing, given my deficits. I no longer go for night walks alone on the back field but will take my dog round the top end of the caravan park instead, where there are homes and some lighting. I am an 'easy target' ( I have endured 'hate rants' from young men, both in daylight on a public park and darkness at the back of where I live ) so I like to keep risks of this and other potential unpleasant things happening to a minimum.

    I have often wondered if I would have the speed/power/balance to use my stick as a weapon if it became necessary. I know where my ferrule would be aiming for if it was a male assailant ! It is a great shame that we have to consider our vulnerability to hate/ crime attacks. x

  • Perhaps you could practice some moves with the cane. Build your response, alertness and maybe some physical strength. Yes, it's too bad that we become targets, but we need to do what we can to not be an obvious target. Best to you.

  • I took a six-week self defense course and was given special training because of my disability. I was taught that I had the best weapon in the whole class(my trusty cane). I was taught where to strike the attacker. I learned how to defend myself with or without my cane. This was a very helpful class.

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