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2nd Ocrevus infusion.


Sitting in a chair getting second Ocrevus infusion. 1st one went well but weakened my legs more than they usually are. Hopefully this drug will help in the long run. God's Peace and Love to all. Keep fighting and stay as active as possible!!

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Keep on moving good 😊 luck to you!

Yooper in reply to ssdw1958

Thanks and God's peace to you.

Yooper praying this med works miracles for you my friend!!!!


Yooper in reply to rlh1974

Thanks Rob and God's Peace to you.

Hang in there. I like to think of it as the new med is working!!! Think POSITIVE thoughts😊 I'll say a prayer for you!


Yooper in reply to Becky63

Becky: Thanks for the prayers. God's Peace to you.

Yooper i hope your infusion went well and in time makes you feel better. I think that all of us are hoping and praying that this is the new miracle drug. Let us know how you get on, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 👍

Yooper in reply to jimeka

Thanks for the blessings. We can all use all the prayers. God's peace to you.

Yooper Congrats and keep us posted on any effects you notice going forward. I'm just about three weeks ahead of you, finished my second half on 7/6. Too soon to tell yet, but am hopeful! Sending healing thoughts your way.

Yooper in reply to dianekjs

So far so good. Weak, but none of the possible side affects so far. Thanks and sending back healing prayers for you.

Thanks for your update on Ocruvis! Insurance finally approved me. Waiting to get set up in infusion room.

Why is an oncologist assigned to you for the Ocruvis infusion.?

Wishing everyone a fabulous day!

Yooper in reply to SlmHarris

I didn't have an oncologist. The only person was the nurse doing my infusion. But, it may depend on the hospital/infusion center. Don't be afraid to ask.

I received the approval with a Drs name on it I knew the Dr because it was my mother's oncologist. Maybe he over looks the infusion center.

I will place a call into my Neuro

Thanks for letting me know how things were for you.

Please share your experience anytime!

Yooper Rooting for you!! Please keep us posted on how you're doing! :)

Yooper in reply to Nom_De_Plume

Will do! Thanks for the support!!

My neurologist (who I think worked on the Ocrevus trials) told me to give Ocrevus two years before judging its affectivenes. She was the first Dr in California to give an Ocrevus infusion, according to the Ocrevus rep I met at an MS Walk.

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