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Went to the opthamologist for my year checkup, and found out that the MonSter has done some damage to my optic nerve since last year, but thank goodness it was negligible. So, he gave me a new script for glasses and off we go for another year. I also found a marvelous pain doctor who won't just throw pills at me, which I don't want. I am getting that awful nerve pain behind my knee again and I just fall right down and scream when it strikes. He had gotten all of my medical records from the neurosurgeon who treated me for my back injury last October, and it turns out that I not only broke my L-1 vertebra but my L-4 as well, although this was a less significant injury. He wants to get an MRI of the lumbar spine to see if the back might be causing the knee nerve pain, but I don't think so because it started way before the accident. In any case, I am also getting my thoracic spine done because my balance absolutely sucks, and I am taking PT to help it. By the time I am done I will have had my whole spine scanned. My neuro also referred me to a neuropsychologist (couldn't get an appt. until November) because my brain feels like it all leaked out--I get completely confused all the time and my memory is non-existent.. It was very nice, however, to meet a doctor who understands chronic pain and doesn't just want to throw opiates at it. He does a lot with nerve blocks, which I think is what I need for behind my knee.

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Sukie427 A great pain Dr is an amazing thing! I have one and he is worth everything! Also, A pain shrink, if they are good is also amazing. I have one. They don't care what happened when you were 2. They care about your pain and helping you find ways to breath, meditate. Also other things to help alleviate some of your pain. I am praying for you! Good luck!



Thanks so much, Rob. I feel lucky indeed to have found him, as there is a terrible dearth of doctors in Northern Arizona. I am looking for a psychiatrist now as my neuro recommended one to help me cope with this rotten disease, but so far no luck. But I keep on trying!


Sukie427, I sure hope you get some relief from that pain. It sounds awful! Let us know what you learn from your new doctor's visit.

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Sukie427 goodness, you deserve the new hair do. It's a horrible feeling when physical pain strikes. Sometimes it's harder to treat than emotional pain, at least you can hopefully talk that pain away with someone, and everyone's pain threshold is different. Until you have experienced it, it's hard to understand and have compassion. I hope and pray that both you and rlh1974 find some kind of relief, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🙏


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