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So I have been having such a bad streak since my hubby and I returned from Las Vegas at the beginning of the month. After I came back, with two broken ribs from falling in the hotel room bathroom the 2nd night we were there and spending the whole 3rd day in a crappy hospital ER in Las Vegas, I fell into a mesquite bush. My husband had to pull me out very carefully, and I was covered with prickers and some branched had given me puncture wounds all over my left arm and my right hand. The puncture wound was so bad on the right hand that it went straight down to the first knuckle and splintered the bone! After 3 courses of very strong anti-biotics and a tetanus shot, the hand is likely infected and Friday I will find out if I need surgery to debride it. I have been in a splint which I just got rid of today, which is why I have been incommunicado--I haven't been able to type! Then I fell again on the bathroom tile and reinjured my ribs. I am back using the walker just for balance, but I hate it.

Finally got into a group which includes a neurosurgeon, pain mgt. guy, and everything else orthopedic. They concluded that the electric nerve pain behind my knee is likely not coming from my back, but rather is an effect of the MS and they probably can't help me. They are going to try a special nerve block for the knee, and then see what they can do for the lower back, but he wasn't optimistic about the knee pain. Not really great news because when that beast starts up, I fall like a ton of bricks. I have applied for a service dog but it takes 5 yrs and I am afraid I will fall and break my neck before I am able to get one!

Still can only type with my index finger because the others are swollen. Hope everyone else is well. I'm trying to work my way out of the avalanche that buried me starting Feb. 28, so thanks for letting me vent. Sukie427

21 Replies
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Oh my my. So sorry you have been going through these issues. MS is sometimes like a snowball rolling down a hill. It just gets bigger and you can't stop it. Hoping your snowball hits level ground very soon.

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Sukie427 I'm so very sorry to hear about your terrible fall and break. When MS isn't enough to deal with you now have this. I hope you get some relief soon.


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Sukie427 in reply to bxrmom

Thanks, you guys. I hate to complain, but honestly, sometimes enough is enough and I feel like I'm going over the edge....But, this too shall pass.

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Sukie427

Sukie427 Yes, it will fade as you feel better and spring is around the corner. Always a time of renewal. I have missed you also. We'll be at the Palo Alto VA tomorrow, hubby having 3rd eye surgery.. No time for visit this time.. Sending prayers for your healing, comfort.

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Sukie427 in reply to CalfeeChick

Sending same to your husband and you. Hope surgery goes well.

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Sukie427

Surgery went good, he really has to take it easy for a couple of days. Went back today for a check up. goes back next week and maybe week after. It was incredibly long day for me and paid for it with leg cramps through the night and today. Better now, still tired. I don't know how people deal with the traffic.

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There I was thinking you were away again chasing the Northern Lights. How horrible, broken ribs are so painful 😖. Ms has a lot to answer to. Sending you a big gentle, loving hug my friend. Please take care, blessings Jimeka 🍫 💐 🙏 🤗

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Sukie427 in reply to jimeka

Thanks, for the hugs, my UK MS Warrior Sister. They were so gentle they didn't hurt....Blessings to you, too!

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I'm so sorry. I hope all goes well.

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Sukie427 in reply to RoseySawyer

Thanks, Rosey. This is really the only place I can vent because nobody else cares or wants to hear it. Sometimes you just need the ears and shoulders of those who walk in your shoes...you know they will understand!

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RoseySawyer in reply to Sukie427

I understand.

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Oh, my! I'm so sorry! What a time you've been having. I sure hope you can get some relief from these awful symptoms. Please be careful so you don't fall again. Keep us posted on how you're doing when you can. I can't believe you can type so well with one finger! You get a gold star!

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Can't really. You wouldn't believe how much time I had to take making corrections!

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donnaraet in reply to Sukie427

I believe you! That is the worst feeling when you can only type very slowly-only to have to correct it, even more slowly! <3 Praying you feel some relief soon. You are right. We care, and we get things, and we are here to hear! Hope this finds you having a better day today. <3

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So sorry! You need to take better care of yourself lady! Soft hugs are being sent your way. 😬😛😘

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Sukie427 in reply to Morllyn

Thank you, my friend!

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Oh, my goodness, Sukie427 ! You have certainly had more than your share of falls and injuries. Praying for a speedy recovery and that you find relief from all your pain. Blessings to you!

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Sukie427 in reply to Texandyroe

Thank you, Tex. Blessings to you as well! Stay vertical!

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I’m so very sorry, Sukie427 . I’m a day late reading this, but I hope today is a little better than yesterday was 💕

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Holy cow! Go big or go home, huh... So sorry you're having so much trouble. Sounds terribly painful! Get better!

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I'm so sorry! That's just awful - All of it. I have horrible pain that feels like something is on fire inside of my legs. Mostly the right side. I was getting the steroidal injections even though the spine Dr couldn't find anything on my MRI or x-rays that would cause it. This was pre-diagnosis. In fact, I was falsely diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Over the last 2 weeks I had RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) on both sides of L4&5 as well as both SI joints. It's basically a burning of the nerves. I was getting worried about all the steroids so my doc recommended this. Praying it works and lasts longer than the injections. I don't know if this is an option for you.

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