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Hello all!!!!! Today I start 3 freaking days of steroids!!!! I hate steroids! They totally mess with my diabetes! The next 6 days of my blood sugars are going to suck!!!! No carbs for me. Grrrrrrrr. So if you all could say a prayer I get ahead of the high sugars and exhaustion to follow. I would be most grateful. Also that the steroids help calm down my symptoms!!!!!

Enjoy the pic!

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rlh1974 oh Rob, my heart cries out for you. I am sorry that you have to go through this, I hope and pray that the steroids work and that your diabetes stays stable. Remember that you are not on your own, He will be with you every step of the way. Stay strong 💪 and please let us know how you are when you feel upto it, blessings Jimeka 🙏 🦋 🌈

rlh1974 in reply to jimeka

jimeka Oh I know! That is why I post here! To give love and get love!

Thank you!


rlh1974 Feeling for you my friend. I don't even have diabetes and they mess with my blood sugar and make me tired. Praying they will help your symptoms. Too much heat?

rlh1974 in reply to Iona60

Iona60 Too much everything! I am about to loose my insurance in about 30 days. My Dr wants two rounds of steroids to help stabilize until I get new health insurance!

Thanks for checking in!


Karen-x in reply to rlh1974

Can you check w your State Medicaid office and see if you qualify for interim insurance?

Iona60 in reply to rlh1974

rlh1974 I hope the insurance thing goes well for you.

I love the pic, rlh1974, but hate that it represents you and how awful you'll be feeling in the coming days. Sending a hug and saying numerous prayers for you. Praying it actually helps you feel better when all is said and done...He is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine!! 💕

rlh1974 in reply to Tutu

@Tutu thanks so so much! Great words!!!!

Hugs and prayers.


I know what you're going through. Steroids mess so badly with diabetes. Especially if the dosages aren't explained. Been there done that...I haven't had steroids yet with MS, I can only imagine. Sending you hugs and saying prayers!

rlh1974 in reply to jennie62

jennie62 not sure what type of Diabetes you have. I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 17. I wear an insulin pump. So I very much have it under control. My avg blood sugar is 142 according to my last report. At my age and lack of ability to exercise is really great! To my point. I am working with my Dr and pump to get it dow. But as you are aware. It is a guessing game of trial and error!


jennie62 in reply to rlh1974

rlh1974 it really is a guessing game. Years ago I had a doctor who told me I had diabetes 2 especially when I had double vision. Every time I tested my blood I had 142 as well. Thanks to losing 50-60 lbs (no desire to eat) he no longer said I had diabetes 2, but I remember his having me take steroids and boy was that awful. My blood count was all over!

I hope you still have a wonderful doctor who helps you with everything I know now I do. What a difference a good doctor makes.

rlh1974 sending blessings for a quick response to the Solumedrol with minimal blood sugar spikes 👍🌈

rlh1974 prayers and positive thoughts.

Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. I hope the next six days pass by quickly and all goes well.


I'll be praying for that wonderful peace that only God gives. Get better quickly!

rlh1974 in reply to greaterexp

greaterexp you are so amazingly sweet! As are all of you! Every day God is good, and God is good everyday!

love to you all!


Prayers for you buddy! I hope it helps and at least your MS settles.

rlh1974 in reply to Karen-x

Karen-x thanks buddy! ;)

While the steroids will cause you blood sugar problems, you will be given insulin to control it. You may be on a steroid taper to gently come down off the steroids. I have mild diabetes that is controlled with metformin, but I tolerated the high dose steroid infusion for 5 days very well and all the concerns raised failed to materialize. I monitored my blood sugars and injected doses of insulin that slowly declined. After 2 months that ended as I dropped back into normal range.

I was also very lucky in that my rapid decline reversed with the steroids. I went into the treatment in a wheelchair. After the 1st dose I was able to lift a foot off the ground for the first time in months. 2 years after the treatment I am walking without assistive devices. Walker and cane all now retired (for now).

For me, the steroids turned my life around. I hope they do the same for you.

rlh1974 in reply to atolley

atolley See my above post to jennie62. I was DX'd at age 17 with type 1 and wear an insulin pump. Steroids generally are a mild relief for me. but I will take what I can get. Since I am loosing my insurance. if I can get 2 doses in to help stabilize, I will be happy!

Thanks for the input!


rlh1974 in reply to atolley

atolley unfortunately this isn't my first rodeo with this. With all my spinal cord injuries and others. Now MS, I know the drill. I can set my pump to special settings and it is a huge help. I just really truly need to watch what I eat. low fat low carb taste free diet for me for a while. Yay! said with an eye roll! lol! I really do appreciate the info!

Sorry you need that Crap! Good luck and hang in there, I hope it gives you great benefit!

Rob, I feel your pain! I am a type 2 diabetic on an insulin pump. The last time I had steroids (over 5 years ago for Bronchitis) my body did not react well. I took 1 pill a day for 3 days. I knew my blood sugars would go up a lot so I tripled my basal right and doubled my other insulin. Long story short, I was still over 600 for a week even after quintupling my basal and other insulin. To add insult to injury the steroids didn't help at all. Because of this my Neuro won't even consider steroids for me. When my MS Flares I get to just ride it out. Good luck with your steroid use.

Also, are you eligible for COBRA on your insurance? That could give you insurance for a time. Though it is expensive. If you can't do COBRA or Medicaid or Insurance marketplace make sure to ask your doctors for the cash discount. In my state, most doctors will give a 30%-50% discount if they don't have to bill insurance and will let you make payments as long as you do a $50-$100 down payment. It would be worth checking out.

Good luck!

Done! And wishing you luck during the next 3 days and any aftermath. Best of luckl, Rob! Try not to kill anyone when the steroids kick in! Sukie427

I'm on my 4th day of steriods with 1 to go! They do help in the long run for me. Hang in there , hope it works for you!

Halfway done with this round, you've got this!

rlh1974 Rob, how did you make out???

rlh1974 in reply to Nom_De_Plume

Nom_De_Plume Thank you so much for asking!!!!! Everything turned out really well. I have protocols in place with my pumping anti anxiety meds. Like I have mentioned before, This isn't my first rodeo with steroids unfortunately. With my back injuries ETC. So being type one. I start my pump out at 115% of my normal basal rate. Then generally move to 130% for about 5 days. I was able to keep my sugars around 150. That is where I normally run. On top of that, I have actually been able to lower them more to under 150 now! I am working on getting my A1C under 7.In 26 years I have been well controlled Under 7.0 A1C. but as of late. Being in the house all the time. It has got over 7.5. Not a fan. My steroids helped until a massive fall, thank you to one 11 year old yellow lab. I will write about that in another post. I am looking forward to the next round in a couple of weeks. My kids will be at school, so less chance of anger blow outs. and Hopefully will keep me stable a little longer. All in all, I feel better. I am so grateful to be asked! Doesn't happen often, except on here.

Love to you all,


Nom_De_Plume in reply to rlh1974

rlh1974 Wow, sounds like a tightrope walk! So glad it worked out well. And you're doing another round in a couple of weeks?! ..eek...but looking forward to it?!.. Sounds like this past round was a resounding success! Fabulous. Hopefully this is your new "normal" with steroids.

Sorry about your fall and your lab...sure to be an interesting story. I often wonder how the cat lovers out there manage with their cats weaving in and out and cutting them off mid-stride like they do. Anywho, I'm getting off-subject.

Best wishes on the next round, and let us know how you make out if you feel inclined to! Sounds like you've got the system down. :)

I hope you have the same luck lassoing insurance coverage for yourself?

God bless.


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