Rudolph & Hermey Got NOTHING on ME!!!

80+ degrees but my one acre yard is MOWED for another week... Being INDEPENDENT ain't easy...

Bladder called me in half way through, sat with a fan blowing on me for 10 minutes, then out again to finish... Goddess BLESS John Deere and stubbornness!!!

Don't worry: had my cell phone at all times, and I knew the mailman would see me if I ended on my back... Gotta remember ICE ICE BABY next time... Yes, Mom, I've got the cooling stuff--I was just motivated to GET 'R DONE!!!

You all are my "victim au jour" is all as I have nobody else who just GETS THIS MonSter stuff... And Newbies? Been doing battle for 30+ years so NEVER GIVE UP & NEVER GIVE IN!!!

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  • Hey great job on getting it all done! And being smart about it! I have to say, loved the part about the postman.πŸ˜„ Glad you didn't get hurt again.!.😊

    If you can't do it one way find another!πŸ˜€

    J 🌠

  • πŸ˜‚ ohhh, the mailman will find me....

  • Independence means a lot to us all and if you are able to do it, well done you. My son bought me a ride on lawn mower so I could keep my independence, it takes me a hour to cut my lawn, I used a whole tank of petrol the other day, my son normally gets 4 cuts out of the tank and it only takes him 10 minutes. But when I backed into the shed the other day and my foot got stuck on the reverse accelerator I reversed into his motorbike and the back of the shed. Fortunately no damage incurred just my pride. My son said to me, at least you don't quit, you keep going, made me feel a whole lot better, so keep going, blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹ 🌈

  • Be careful.

  • Be careful you say to the womyn with a bruise on her chin and a huge on to match on her knee (and half way down her shin... LOL I'm ALWAYS careful--I'm just ccident prone and the MonSter is a poor bedfellow for a natural born klutz!!!

  • ddeadred I know what you mean, I have a bruise on both shins and one on my arm. I rarely remember where I got them. πŸ˜‚

  • at least, I know the origin of these...

  • I use a regular mower. I find I walk better if I'm pushing one just like I walk better in the grocery store if I'm pushing a shopping cart. I do have to take a break after I finish the front, and another one halfway through mowing the back yard. Then we go to my mother-in-laws and my husband does hers.

  • LOVE the IDEA of a push mower, but I've got an acre to mow...

  • If I lived closer I would bring my lawn mower and we could have a party, maybe even lighten the mood with a competition or two. Fancy stripes, patterns, you name it, we could have some fun! πŸ¦‹ 🌈 ♿️

  • jimeka sounds like a plan to me! Looks like I'm going to have to go and weed eat today.😑 Maybe it will get the neighbor off his *** long enough to mow.πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜„

    J 🌠

  • LOL... my neighbor has a service do his... always an early wake-up call most from a barking pup I my house...

  • ddeadred it's our lawnmower, our gas, our weed eater. πŸ˜„ He can do it.😁

  • Dreadred, it's Fancy1959. God bless you and your attitude! You remind me of a whole lot of myself because I'm as mule-headed as they come! I'm always tackling things I shouldn't but stubbornness comes out of me and I attempt to finish him no matter what the cost. Please be careful and like you said keep your phone with you. Do you have a cooling vest? If not maybe it's time to look into seeing if you can get one that are being offered different places free period they would give you a degree of insulation from the Heat and make the mowing on hot days a lot safer. You might have to freeze it and go mow for an hour then take a break put it back in the freezer and then later that same day go out and mow again for another hour after it's refrozen. Make sure you continue to hydrate hydrate hydrate or you can get in trouble in a hurry!

  • As a fellow solo MS'er, I'm totally impressed ddeadred! I'm a limp dish rag when the temp gets over 75 so you rock!

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