Foot drop?

I think I may have foot drop, but I'm not sure. Every once in awhile I will be walking and my left foot will kind of drag a little bit. It doesn't happen the whole time I'm walking, just sometimes. Something 'clicked' and made me think that it may be Foot drop. I have knee pain (on the same leg) sometimes from a fall I had 6-7 years ago while I was in the shower. I didn't have any surgeries or anything...just told to walk around on it as xrays didn't show anything thought it hurt so bad I could have swore that I did something really bad to it.

Any info on Foot Drop is welcome and if this sounds like it could be that.


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  • It sounds like drop foot that is how it started for me my foot would drop once in awhile or when I walked long distances. I have an AFO and the Bioness L300 plus (thigh and calf now). You can see it I posted a photo of it awhile ago

    I had the AFO 1st and used it when I knew I was going to do a lot of walking. Then I got the Bioness when I came out of remission because I'm unable to lift my foot. The Bioness comes in the L300 just for the drop foot and it sends a simulation when you lift you foot.

    I tried the other simulation unit forgot the name of it but it would shock the crap out of me.

  • I do have an AFO and it does what work not when I am tiered I have a problem walking but I want to thank you for listening, you know what I mean.

  • I believe that I have foot drop, also. My right foot sound like a fish slapping when I have my slippers on. I do not notice it when I'm in shoes.

  • I have foot drop in my right leg and lots of numbness in my left. Makes life fun! I always walk looking at the ground so I don't trip or lose my balance.

  • I get numbness at different times in both feet. Lately I have noticed the foot drop because it happened on 2 different occasions, close together, and recently received an email with info on it.


  • I've been thinking I might have some foot drop too. I seem to catch my toe at times on nothing. The toe area on shoes is always scuffed. More the right foot than the left. I never wear open toed shores for this reason. Thanks for bringing this up bxrmom! I need to add it to my list of stuff to talk to my neuro about at my next appointment.

  • You are welcome Raingrrl. I forgot to put it on my list of things to talk to my Neuro this last time because I didn't put it all together until yesterday after receiving an email with info about foot drop and it had happened on 2 different occasions recently as it usually only happens every once in awhile.


  • bxrmom

    My first MS symptoms was the right foot slapping like SueAB

    It only occurred when I was walking long distances but this was back in 1986.

    In the early 2000s I took a lot of nasty falls when I was jogging. My right toe always seem to catch something.

    By 2013 I had pronounced foot drop and wore an afo. I had some back pain at that time and had back surgery and the foot drop immediately corrected.

    Now I have a right sided weakness (upper and lower) that worsens with heat exposure.

    So could be foot drop but MS may not always be the only cause...

  • BRXmom, For a longtime I have had trouble with tripping with my right foot. It has resulted in some falls but usually only "almost". It can be scary. When I don't fall I usually say, "Thank you, Lord".

  • Joc-42 I get it randomly so I never thought about it until now because it happened at 2 different times recetnly.


  • BXRMOM I see my neurologist next week, so I will ask him. Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi Jessie, I have foot drop. I started noticing it when I was on the treadmill. After walking for about 45 minutes my left foot would start to slap down, then it progressed to slapping after 30 minutes and so on. It was my first indication that something was going on with me. Now, after being diagnosed three years ago, walking is a challenge with my left foot. I have gotten a Bioness L300, which helps immensely, when I don't have it on, I have to remind myself when I walk to try and lift my foot. Sorry I don't have something more pleasant to say about it, but there are ways out there to deal with it. Good Luck.


  • Thanks mrsmike, that is where I noticed mine happening recently....the gym as I walk the treadmill for about 30 mins and noticed while I was walking on it my food would stub while I was walking. Not sure if I was feeling hot yet or not.


  • Hope it was helpful. Since then I have done a couple rounds of physical therapy to help keep the muscles in good shape.

  • It was very helpful mrsmike. That's a good idea for PT.


  • After 30+ years, I know I have occasional foot drop... Happens when I've been doing too much and reminds me to sit for a while... that said, it often improves after taking a break so I'm not inclined to do much about it except remind myself to be mindful of my walking... It helps that I retired long ago (at 38) and I live alone... For me, I just have to SLOW DOWNGood luck

  • ...just have to SLOW DOWN and QUIT MULTITASKING!!! That's my biggest problem...

  • ddeadred

    Me too!!! I am always after a few falls and near falls I'm now telling myself to be MINDFUL. No more sudden veering to the right. Avoid multi tasking. No more "walking and chewing gum" 😝

  • My first symptom was quick pulse that felt like thigh was going to give out, lasted seconds. Next was limp that I thought was knee related because I had knee pain and had a knee laser years before. I occasionally found that foot dragging I would catch my foot and fall, in strips where hardwood changed into tile on floors. Then it developed to a bad limp and then foot drop.

    If I could do it over, I would have found a better neuro who would have listened. Mine , at the time was very dismissive. I would suggest going to rehab while it may help. I find myself years later on walker and good days a cane.

    I recently started a trial of Ampyra. And it does seem to help but I don't think I will ever be well enough to walk without aids.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks AngieRowe for sharing. It usually only happens to me once in awhile but I was on the treadmill recently and it happened 2 different times otherwise I never put the 2 together with foot drop after reading a recent email about it.


  • Ssdw1958

    I have to walk with a walker all the time and I also wish I had a PCP who would have listened to me about my foot drop you know when something is wrong and you get this the Dr. told me I had woman problems I should have changed doctors. I waited to long and now I have a rollator and if we are going long distance I have a wheelchair. I am not feel telling you this so you feel sorry for me. I am telling you so that if you know something isn't right stand up for your self. Bye for now 😊

  • I agree Ssdw1958, I knew in my head that I was right but couldn't get anyone to listen. I had been on neuro care for years and went from walking with limp to Walker in my last 3 years with that doc and he would not move off fibro! I went to another 9-10 without a diagnoses until I went to neurosurgeon who diagnosed me. I had seen other neurosurgery , spine doctors, orthodox , rematologist and the list goes on! I also had a knee surgery and a bladder lift that I probably did not need!

  • bxrmom Suggest you call your neuro or pc to get a script for physical therapy. Might be helpful to strengthen those muscles, and they can evaluate for brace if needed. You don't want to fall. I got my afo after falling and breaking my wrist. I don't wear it at home but do whenever I go out. So much safer...

  • Jessie, I know the feeling I still have a foot that gets stuck to the floor for no reason and I also had knee pain that they could'nt find a reason for a few weeks ago I took another fall much worse (no broken bones) but I went to a chiropracter instead of an md and my back pain from the fall is gone and my knee pain has decrease to low and each visit has made it low, I'm really happy to lose the pain. I love my Dr.s but they seem to rely on the xrays that don't show everything. It's amazing how much pain we'll put up with and how long when a few simple try's of something else will help orthotics which Ihad been using for a few years but quit and going to the chiropracter who told me to get new orthotics have helped the pain and I haven't notice the foot drop ? since.

  • dhammes I go to the chiropractor every 2 weeks for my neck and back pain. I don't usually have pain in my left leg (the weaker one that will stub on the ground every once in awhile) but have it in my right one from a fall I took in the shower like 7 years ago. The foot stubbing seems to only happening to me once in awhile. I was on the treadmill recently and it happened 2 different times otherwise I never put the 2 together with drop foot until after reading a recent email about it.


  • Could anyone please tell me what is and wore an afo. what is a-f-o? What is orthotics? Also what is a Bioness L300? ~~~**foots**~~~

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