Tendonitis Caused By Foot Drop

Does anyone else have chronic tendonitis in their foot? My doctor attributes mine to foot drop. She says the calf muscle is tight, but that the tendons wrapping around both sides of the foot have been stretched because of the way I walk. I've gone through physical therapy. That made it worse when I over did the exercises with my rubber bands. I've been told to immobilize my feet (wear the AFOs at all times or she's threatened me with a boot), ice the foot, and to wear night splints to keep the foot from flexing (and waking me up in pain) while sleeping.

Have you tried anything else that helps heal this and alleviates the pain? Thanks!

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  • Tutu years ago I have had patients with severe Achilles tendonitis placed in a short leg cast for 6 weeks. At least you can remove a boot for showering etc. sounds like the AFO may be your better option. So sorry πŸ™

  • Thanks erash. I guess I'm doing all that I can. (And that my doc is doing all she can.) It's just a slow process. I had hoped to miraculously feel better by now. πŸ’•

  • I hope you do feel better soon Tutu

  • Thanks 😊

  • Feel better soon Tutu.

  • Thanks CalfeeChick. Speaking of feeling better, how are you doing, Lynn?

  • I'm okay, our area if California has been under a flood watch all week. I'm going a little stir crazy, I think. Generally OK though. We finally have some sunshine today, but melted snow is still coming into our creeks and rivers. There are areas of flooding less than 30 miles from us. Fortunately, our house is raised about street level and it's never gotten close to us.

    I'm considering calling doc and asking for meds for my tingling and numbness in my legs and truck. If my feet get chilled at all, they quickly turn into blocks of lead.. Grrrr.. Sorry to be a downer. Hope you are feeling better. I finished a small baby blanket and 2 pairs of booties. Our church is gathering for the women's resource center. I always put all my loose change in a little bank and was surprised to count up almost $65.00 in there to donate. So overall, life is good!

  • CalfeeChick, we got quite a bit of rain while we were down in San Diego. With the drought, I knew CA welcomed the rain, but I had no idea flooding was an issue now. And so close to where you are. I'm sorry. Will pray for you as this weather affects you in more ways than I had imagined.

    I know you've been resisting meds to fight/calm your symptoms (boy, I hope I'm not confusing you with someone else!), but sometimes the help they provide far outweighs whatever side effects may be attributed to them. If not for gabapentin, my buzzing, burning, and constantly vibrating bladder would drive me insane. πŸ˜‰ I also wouldn't be able to focus on anything other than those maddening symptoms. Thankfully, I have no side effects from the gabapentin.

    I hope you call your doctor. I pray he has something that helps--something you feel comfortable taking, too.

    So what color are the booties and baby blanket? And what a gift they will be, as will your change! What amazes me is your ability to see outside of yourself and create heartfelt gifts for others despite what you are going through yourself right now. You have a BIG ❀️, Lynn.

    And we all have our down moments. No need to apologize. Too bad we all don't live close enough to get together. Those who are feeling 'good' can encourage those feeling frustrated or down. But if we can't be there in person, I am thankful we can do it here. We ALL need a hug from time to time. Wish I could be there to share one in person...πŸ’“

  • ~hugs~ Tutu l wish l could help. 😞. Feel better soon! Until then l will be on the lookout for a new tendon with no itis 😡

    Take it easy and do what the Dr. Wants you to do 🌠

  • Thanks for the laugh, Jesmcd2. You're just what the doctor ordered. ☺️ If you should find a couple good tendons out there, grab one for me! πŸ’

  • Well l was hoping they came in the box that came in the mail @tutu πŸ˜• they said they were on backorder 😞. Can l offer you some tide pods instead? 😁

    You can't have my fingerless gloves.πŸ˜• πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


  • Backorder? πŸ˜’ Hmm...Them, along with my marbles. I've been waiting for those marbles FOREVER! I guess a new bladder is out of the question then. 😳

    And thanks for the Tide pods offer Jesmcd2, but I think I'll pass. More laundry soap means more work, right? 😜

    By the way, you still have the fingers from your gloves laying around somewhere? You never know when you might need another set of those! πŸ˜‚

    Thanks for the 😁--great way to start my day. πŸ’•

  • Tutu Hope you start to get some improvement soon. Feet are hard because we can't rest them like other body parts.

  • Thanks, lois52. Yes, after a couple foot stress fractures, ankle fracture and now arthritis in my feet, I've come to realize how very important our feet are! I wish the me of 10-20yrs ago knew what I know now! πŸ˜‰

    The tendinitis hurts. My doc says the only way to heal it at this point is to totally immobilize the feet. Hmm...so far, my attempt to compromise hasn't worked. I guess there is no 'easy' fix. I was kind of hoping you all knew of one. πŸ€”

  • Tutu Ah, hindsight... how we take our bodies for granted when they are healthy and pain free...Certainly sound like a long healing process, have you thought about getting a second opinion?

  • You're right about hindsight (and youth!), Lois.

    If I wasn't so sure I had the best podiatrist, I'd seek a second opinion, lois52. The PT I went to is another story. But I really can't blame him for the further damage I am solely responsible for. Oh well, at least I've learned from my mistake!

  • So sorry Tutu . Sending prayers and a big hug your way. I think you've done too much traveling and need to rest!

  • Thanks Iona60. And I agree! It's time to enjoy not being on the move. 😊

  • You can rest for 2 more weeks!

  • 😊

  • I have Achilles tendonitis right now. It is on my left leg which has dorsiflexion footdrop. My right foot has plantar flexion footdrop. That leg ended up with a muscle nearly completely torn off behind my right knee caused by the twisting outward and under of my foot. I told Drs.. for four years I was ripping that muscle ,it was extremely painful. The Drs. looked blank at me. I live in rural western NC....not exactly medical mecca.

    I did physical therapy. The ultrasound treatments , massage and ecercises were going fine. One day the therapist in charge of my tech decided I should try walking 250 feet. I had been walking only a little bit at home. I now wear a brace on my left leg that goes above my knee . The right leg has a brace to below my knee. These are not conventional AFO braces. My feet slap hard when I step. I was using a rollator. My husband was following me with a wheelchair. I had to sit down seversl times. I did not complete the 250 feet even with many stops to rest. Then I had to do stepping up on a box exercises using parallel bars to keep myself upright

    The next day I was to go back for evaluation. My husband woke up with the flu with a high fever. I haven't driven for 8 years becsuse of the ravages of SPMS. My Achilles tendon was in worse shape than when I started PT all my progress was lost. I did not return.

    I got a brace from Amazon and a ice pack also that was specific for this problem. I wear the brace most of the time. I ice very often and I am doing the exercises it has been a month and I am making progress.

    I found the therapy team where I went to be dismissive and rude. I do not see myself returning there.

    I wish you well and welcome any questions. I was diagnosed with MS in 1992 after my first MRI but have been symptomatic since the early 60's.

  • Jillmyra, I feel like a whiner after reading what you have gone through. But I can empathize with you--your frustration, especially with the setback after trying so hard to follow directives to make it better.

    Your mention of icing hit home. My doctor said to do that often throughout the day, but I haven't been. It seems once I sit down to relax, I'm too tired to get up, grab the ice, ink ace my shoe, and take off the AFO. No excuse. Just lazy.

    My feet are better than they were a couple months ago. Sleeping with the foot/ankle brace I was given for an ankle fracture has helped stabilize my foot while sleeping. If this doesn't do it, I am to sleep with my AFO and shoe. Do you sleep with any support?

    You said you no longer drive (I am sorry). I still do and find that pressing on the accelerator hurts. I really have to push my toes to depress it as I wear a full AFO on that foot. I'm sure that doesn't help the tendinitis either.

    Thank you for your reply. I'm saddened to hear how MS has affected you. I am SPMS as of 6 months ago. I have noticed a steady decline in the past year. I hope this next year is better for both of us. I also hope your husband is well. πŸ’•Dawn

  • Icing helps with the pain and swelling. I found a double ice pack and velcro soft boot that hold the! I put my cheap Amazon brace shaped like a cutved L over the pack system. The L brace can be used barefoot or with a shoe and ranges 20 to 24.00. also on Amazon. because I do not drive and live relatively rural I haunt Amaxon. lol.

    I stopped driving when I no longer could tell where my feet were nor could I tell them what to do. It was very, very hard to deal with but I sure did not want to hurt anyone. My gradps are not good and I could not line up the last vision test part of DMV tests. I cried because I was emotionally unable to give up my licence. The officer passed me when I promised not to drive and I did not fail him. The next time for renewal I got a state ID. My husband responded well to Tamiflu and was ill about a week. I am 68 and he is 75. He still works part time as Dollar General cashier so he gets exposed to all kinds of illness. I am basically homebound but for Dr visits and botched PT.

    Try to work out a way to ice it really helps.

    So happy to talk to someone with similar issues.

  • Thanks, Jillmyra. I'll bet you've got Amazon Prime!

    My husband grew up in NE Tennessee. I imagine it is as beautiful where you live. But the summers sure do get hot and humid there

    I can understand the reasons you gave up driving. I can understand why you cried too. It seems that once you accept one loss, it's time to adjust to another one. MS is hard.

    I'm happy your husband is better. I hope he remains well and that you don't catch whatever he brings home. And yes, it really does help to commiserate with someone who truly understands. This forum is great for bringing us all together. It makes us feel less alone, homebound or not.

  • I sure do have Amazon Prime...lol.

    We live in almost a straight line doen from Johnson City, Tn. on the NC/SC border. Small world. We are not from here but seems like we are meant to stay here.

  • My husband grew up in Erwin! He has an aunt living in Johnson City. It's been a few years since we went back and attended the apple festival.

  • Hi Tutu,

    I imagine tendon trouble is quite common with all the spasticity/ weakness/altered compensated movement we have. I get pain/ burning tendons on inner ankles, groin, shoulders etc. If I push too hard my left back of knee tendons screech and won't take my weight, happens in right groin too. Certainly pulls you up short !

    I guess it's 24/7 AFO time for you, at least temporarily. Are they v. uncomfortable ? Angela x

  • angelite, I don't know what I'd do if I had this constant pain in places besides my feet right now! Are you sure that isn't muscle or such being being pulled or stretched? This hurts even to touch. And when the doctor pokes it, I about jump off the table (that would be a sight πŸ˜‰). But it's been that way for over a year now. I sure hope your groin and other affected areas aren't like that. But I hope you've mentioned this to your doctor.

    Yes, I've about come to the place of acceptance with my AFOs. It's been a real struggle. But I think I'm about there.

  • Tutu, sorry I might have phrased that badly ! What I meant was are the AFO's v. uncomfortable, as you will be wearing them full time : ) No question about tendonitis being painful ! I don't think I have full blown tendonitis but do seem to 'pull' tendons from time to time and get a burning pain in them. My ankles can be painful to touch sometimes - I once made the mistake of thinking a nice hot water bottle might ease the pain - I applied it and the pain hit the roof ! Never again lol ! I once mentioned the ankles to a doc who asked 'Any swelling ?' I said 'No', that was that - no visible evidence, no problem apparently ! I've never worn AFO's or splints so wondered how uncomfortable they were ? Angela x

  • Sorry, angelite, I did misunderstand. πŸ˜‰ Neither AFO (full hard plastic one or the Velcro ankle one) are uncomfortable. They do alter the way I walk, require tie shoes for a proper fit/support, and the full plastic one can be hot/sweaty in the summer. I need my crutch(es) with them. So I tried to get by without them. Walking incorrectly with foot drop obviously put more strain on the tendons as well as my back, shoulders and neck (as I walked hunched over, propelling myself forward with my upper torso. The AFOs, along with my crutches, slow me down and cause me to walk more upright, relying on my legs rather than my torso.

    So...I know the AFOs are better for me all the way around. Just didn't want to need them...

  • My physical therapist insisted that I wear an AFO for my drop foot. I am stretching the tendons in my knee. I have been wearing the Blue rocker II since last June, but only when I go out. I have gotten used to it, but I need my cane when I use it. I can now walk longer distances with the AFO. Inclines are harder. I am quite happy with the AFO. I tried the boot at therapy but felt a lot more restricted. My therapist loaned me one to try for a few days to see how I liked. Fortunately my insurance covered the purchase and fortunately a stock size fit me well. I did get a prescription from my neurologist for the AFO. I will do anything to keep my mobility and therefore my independence.

  • RobertCalifornia, I checked out the Blue Rocker AFO you mentioned. It's interesting that they feel the carbon fiber AFOs may strengthen calf muscles. They also allow custom orthotics. I can't wear my custom orthotic with my right foot's full plastic AFO. I thought my AFO was causing neuropathy burning/pain in my toes on that foot. The prosthetics place felt that wasn't the problem, but the MS itself. What I just read may confirm what I thought. Thanks for the info. I may bring this up with my doc.

    By the way-another topic: Didn't you attend a CanDoMS workshop? You may have already replied to agapepilgrim's post asking about it. I thought maybe it was you. You may be able to go back and search for her question. It wasn't that long ago.

    Thanks again!

  • I did attend the CanDo MS one day seminar locally in california and the the four day seminar in Denver. There were 24 MS patients and their caregivers. You have to get lucky to get invited (done by lottery). It is held once a year and there are neurologists, PTs, OTs, Mds psychologists etc. It was an incredible experience. We have on our page on facebook where several of us post on. I highly recommend CanDo MS seminars. They are now doing a four day seminar at the Shepard CLinic in Atlanta. The Shepard Clinic is a comprehensive MS clinic. They were at the CanDo seminar in Denver last summer observing and learning the process.

  • Thanks, RobertCalifornia. I hope agapepilgrim sees this! Dawn

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