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Hi friends! I'm curious to hear from anyone who has developed foot drop (or anyone with an opinion). I have been having some pretty severe ankle pain when i walk a little bit. Its mostly my right ankle, sharp shooting pain. And my feet will hurt (ache) if I'm on them for a little more than a short time. Today I was active and my ankle is hurting, this time left foot.

Is this possibly a precursor to foot drop? Anyone else?

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  • Hi Karenx, what time do you land, my garden awaits ! On a more serious note, I have foot drop and I have pain in my ankle. I tend to trip a lot, I catch my big toe. As tutu will probably tell you, I do have an AFO but I get too hot with it so I don't wear it like I should. I find that when I do wear it , it helps a lot, particularly when on the tricycle, I can peddle easier. I don't like wearing socks so I wish that someone could come up with one that doesn't make 'one perspire' ! Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • My plane is delayed. It is awaiting my completion of weeding at my house. So, expect me in about two years. 🤣

  • No problem, the weeds in mine will be waist height then, so easy to pull out, just let me know when you are done and I will have the guest room ready 🤗 👍 🦋 🌈

  • Karen-x

    I developed severe right ft drop requiring AFO but ended up needing back surgery which essentially corrected it. Still will drag right foot/leg with heat or fatigue.

    Recently I've had a few episodes of very brief shooting sharp pain left foot and ankle. It occurred both at rest and with activity. Takes my breath away but very brief. I'm not sure if MS related.

    I also recently started with a boring pain left sacrum and vibrating numbness left ft/leg. Both daily but intermittent.

    MS or back? Or other...Not sure...just monitoring for now. I really hate even cataloging this here. It's just a reminder that I might be "broken" 🤕

    Hope you are ok--

    P.S. Sometimes I relent and take some ibuprofen when the achininess occurs and gets annoying. That usually helps me.

  • That is one of the things I find most frustrating and bewildering about this disease, MS or something else. I'm one of those people that ignores pain so I don't often seek out a doctor. I know I have back issues (no lesions I know about) and Neuro told me not to lift anything over 9 lbs. Bahaha....

    I'm ok...this too shall pass or not.

  • Hi Karen, I had quite severe right foot drop with my first episode - ended up doing the exaggerated horse dressage step for a while to clear the floor ! This has improved over time. I wonder if your ankle tendons are playing up with strain due to altered gait ? My inner thigh muscles pull all the time when in use, causing internal rotation of the hip, knee and foot ( pigeon toed, more marked on right hand side ) so I often get ankle strain as a result of the unusual positioning. x

  • This could be a possibility. My calf and hamstring muscles spasm and get tight.

  • Karen-x Agree with above that it could be tendons, muscles causing the pain. I know my leg is getting more messed up from hip to toe as certain muscles are getting weaker. Seems like leg rolls outward yet foot rotates inward. Starting PT again next months. Perhaps you might want to mention this to your pcp or neuro?

  • When my right foot drop first started about 25yrs ago, I told my doctor that it felt like I had an old rubber band around the back of my ankle (Achilles heel). It felt like it would snap/break at any moment. My then-doc just gave me 'the look.' I never mentioned it again until a couple years ago when I noticed it starting behind my left ankle. My podiatrist told me that is a tendon problem due to foot drop. I now have tendon pain wrapping around the arch and side of my right foot whenever I'm not wearing my AFO. My doc says it's all tendon related, due to a very tight calf muscle because of the foot drop.

  • Wow Tutu, that is me. At times I have what feels like my Achilles heel snapping, like plucking a guitar string. Happens in my neck too and my wrists. And I have a tremor in my neck.

    I guess more stretching....more stretching. I have a great app on my phone called sworkit, has a good stretching program.

  • Don't overdo the exercise Karen-x. I was sent to PT and once I got home, thought if I used the (rubber) bands more often and for more reps, my feet would get better. I ended up making them worse. See your doc for proper PT instruction. Have you been diagnosed with foot drop? (Sorry, I've forgotten, but once you share that spreadsheet with me, I won't ask again! 😂) If not, see your doc. Hope you get some help and relief! 💕

  • I have not been diagnosed w foot drop. Guess maybe call doc tomorrow. I did walk over 6000 steps yesterday so I guess I overdid.

  • Hi Karen-x,

    I've had r foot drop for quite some time the beginning I was constantly tripping but I bought the Bioness L300 which was quite pricey & insurance did not pay for has been a true miracle worker for me, I call it my bionic leg since I'm able to work & do the things I use to do prior to my foot drop...the company did offer me installment plan & although it was financial strain I finally did pay it off....hope you get some relief soon...

  • Yes, have tripped on nothing many times. WalkAide has been a life changer. Walking much safer, still have to be cautious. Exercise helped too. Balance Classes at local hospital very good.

  • Karen-x I spoke with my specialist. I have severe left foot drop. My Dr gave me a RX for a prosthetic brace. I need to go get fitted for it. He said your (my) leg hurts trying to hard to hold up something it can't causing spasms. I will email you and we can talk about it. I will let you all know how it works out. I have had several back surgeries. Not for foot drop. He said that they would having nothing to do with it. I just hope I can handle how it feels. I can't handle tight things. Even my wedding band if my hand swell makes me go crazy. or even socks. I think I am just nuts.


  • Karen-X, it's Fancy1959. Have you ever done any physical therapy for your walking or your foot drop? I would speak to my neurologist if you haven't because they will be able to offer you specific ideas how to help and what they believe is going on with your gait. My physical therapist has me wearing a brace on my right leg/arch to help spring the foot up. My big problem is now that I need them on both feet so I stopped wearing my right foot only. I start Medicaid next month and I hope to be able to look into that so both my feet have the support and spring they need to counteract my foot drop.☺👣

  • Like Angelite, my first experince with Right foot drop was like hers. I saw my chiropractor for it and had some improvement. My neuro saw me right after that and said it was due to MS. I had a 5 day course of steroids by IV which really helped. After that, I had periodic episodes of my right knee colappsing for ward. It progressed to almost daily. My neuro gave rx for an AFO which prevents that, and has a plate that is attatched to the AFO and helps with the foot drop. My knee doesn't collapse any more, and he AFO helps with toe clearance when walking. I do still catch my toe slightly if I am tired, and not paying attention to my gait.

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