Acupoints Massage Therapy For PPMS

For years I tried to reach out for PPMS patients like me. Since 1995, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and IBS. In year 2000, I was confirmed with Spinal Cord MS. Injections and oral medications (except Elavil) did not slow down my progression. In 2011, I was in the hospital and came home in wheelchair. I had difficulty in standing up to make a direct transfer. From time to time, I fell the floor. I did not fall. The floor just needed a hug. By the end of 2014, I stopped Copaxone and Solumedrol IV. In March 2015, I met an in-home therapeutic massage therapist. She specializes in Acupoint (acupuncture point) Massage. For one hour once a week, she massaged my back, feet (every toe and between toes,) legs, arms, hands (each finger and between fingers,) and abdominal. A cupping therapy was to release toxin in kidney, liver, large intestine and knees. Month after month I was able to stand up a little bit higher and higher. Because of my limited physical disability, I worked on a chi machine to have circulation, strength and energy of the legs. I started self massage and chi machine workout for over 3 hours everyday. No more chronic constipation. At bedtime I took 200mg of Elavil to help me fall asleep and no nighttime urination for about 7 hours. During my treatment, therapist and I talked about Chinese medicine, MSAA Community and current events. At the end of 2016, I had 10 hours of acupuncture (needles) treatments. I was able to stand up tall with my hands on a surface. Gripping the floor by using toes made my body stable so I did not fall. Two years ago I was open minded to try massage therapy. I continue my commitment to weekly massage treatment and daily routine of self massage This is how I want to improve quality of life.

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  • Hello, yuehmei56, are you new here? If so, welcome. If not, I apologize for forgetting. I do that often. 😬

    I'm sorry you were diagnosed PPMS. There are others here as well. I was RRMS for nearly 25yrs, but my doc believes I am now SPMS. So while I can't say I know all that you have gone through or continue to deal with, I can say I truly empathize with you.

    I loved your 'the floor needed a hug' reference. 😁 And I am amazed at how well massage has worked for you. I hope you continue to reap the benefits of it. Thanks for enlightening me on all of this. 💕

  • This is my first time sharing my MS. I have followed this community for a long time. I feel all types of MS people sharing and support one another. I look forward to the digest everyday. Thank you for welcoming me.

  • Hello yumhmei56! I am glad that you have found something that works for you.

    Hope you find this group helpful.

  • This is my favorite site to really can connect with MS people.

  • Hi yuehmei56

    Love that you are an active rather than passive warrior in this disease! Can u tell us more about the chi machine?

  • The chi machine is a passive aerobic exercise machine. It allows me to lie down on my back and put my feet on the machine. My feet then swing right and left, like it exercises for me. There is no way for me to do aerobic exercise. The results are good circulation, relax, energy and strength of leg muscles.

  • Hi yuehmei56 .

    Glad to see you and welcome! I have PPMS too. Love all the ideas you've given for exercise, aerobics, etc. Back in 2006 or 2007 (I think, memory stinks-haha) I used to have acupuncture weekly for what I was then told were chronic migraines. Helped me with so much more, now I understand why. It wasn't until 2015 after switching neurologists I was dx with PPMS.


  • Hi it's nice to meet you. I like acupuncture treatments. My husband could only take me on Saturday mornings. I prefer massage in my room. In the first few months I paid close attention to my therapist, then I tried self massage. It is very easy to do. You can massage your face, ears, hands etc. when you watch TV, walking, waiting to see your doctor. It feels good to be able to take care of myself. No more frustration, my husband too. We have TLC for each other everyday. Would love to continue conversation. Take care.

  • Self massage sounds wonderful especially after I see my PT. He is really funny, but OUCH I ache after I see him! Guess this is what I've been doing with my head and hands. Never thought about doing this with my feet, legs and ears. Hmmm, should say I'll be doing this! Thanks again! Would like to communicate with you! Hope all is well with you!

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