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I was diagnosed with RRMS in 1979. I am 65 and a retired teacher living in Michigan. Now my Dr. thinks I am in the second phase of this disease and has opted to take me off a bll MS therapies. Over the years, I have been on Betaseron, Avonex, and Tysabri. I fell and broke my left hip (Nov. 2015).Because it did not heal, I had two additional hip replacement surgeries All 3 surgeries within 7 months of each other. Currently, the MS hug has reared its head, another UTI has surfaced and since that isn't enough I am also nursing a double ear infection. Lately. leg spasms have become intolerable and although I am on tons of Baclofen there is no real relief. I have decided to try acupuncture and was wondering if any one else has tried iit.,

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  • Hello DebbyLou welcome to the group. I live in Michigan also, above the bridge. Diagnosed 2014. Wow, 3 surgeries in 7 months sounds exhausting, hope everything finally healed. Never tried acupuncture myself but I'm sure others who have will chime in soon. Hope the infections clear up soon.

  • Welcome DebbyLou sounds like you have been through the wringer a few times! I'm so sorry, l hope your on the mend from your surgeries?

    I haven't had the MS hug and think l want to pass on that one, as l hear it's quite painful 😞.

    I hope you take some time to check out our other posts. You'll find that we are a friendly bunch, and we talk about pretty much anything and everything here. But most of all Support each other! It's also a pretty good place to vent ☺.

    Out of curiosity how did you hear about us?


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  • Hi, DebbyLou. It is very nice to meet you.

    I'm really sorry to hear about the chain of torments visited upon you over the past few months.

    I had a similar bout of leg spasticity issues while I was in the hospital in November and December-- intense and painful leg spasms plagued me throughout each night, for more than a week. They put me on high doses of Baclofen, Gabapentin, Zanaflex, and Klonipin, all in desperate attempts to get the problem under control. None of these meds even put a dent in the spasms, however.

    After we had exhausted all pharmaceutical solutions, I was beleaguered and despondent.

    At that point, I took it all to the Lord in prayer. By God's grace alone, things began to subside.

    I have PPMS, and fully understand that more challenges will await me on the road ahead-- I do feel that I'm better prepared to deal with them, however, after passing through this latest gauntlet on faith.

    I have no experiences with acupuncture.



  • Hello Christopher and thank you for your kind words. The Lord has been my good and faithful friend since the beginning of this "adventure." One prayer I had (of which I am continuously reminded) was this: I would be eternally grateful if He could see to it that my children didn't have to suffer with pain from illness. I would gladly bear it all. At this point, he has appeased me. Grace and hope are very good things.



  • @DebbyLou, I used to be a teacher too. I was diagnosed in 1980. I've never been in Michigan but my daughter went to school in Ann Arbor, and one of my sisters-in-law was a native of Michigan. I was born in Chicago.

    It sounds as if you've had a very grim time with all of the hip problems plus a double ear infection! You probably know this already but it takes a long long time to get over something like surgery, or a bad fall, or an infection. I had a bad fall last March, and only in the last few weeks have I felt that I'm almost back to where I was before the fall. That fall was nothing compared to your surgeries--so maybe more time has to pass.

    I was on Avonex for 3 years, then Copaxone for almost 3 years, but nowadays I'm on nothing for the MS except 5,000 IU daily of vitamin D3.

    Sorry I've had no experience with acupuncture. I hope you'll feel better soon, and whatever works--go for it.

  • Me!!! It helps me tons. Along with cupping. I do hand acupuncture and cupping every four weeks. All natural. Good luck!

  • April-1995MSWarrior Just the answer I was praying to see! Which thing(s) have you had good luck with? I'm going Tuesday for my first visit. If you care to share, tell me everything!

  • Hello Debby i live in much too, what city in mich?

  • I am in Rochester Hills,

  • Ok, I am in sterling heights

  • DebbyLou welcome and so sorry @ the piling up of hurdles u r encountering.

    Other antispasmodics that might help: Zanaflex, CBD oil, Valium, Botox. I've heard accupuncture can help.

    Best wishes!

  • I tried acupuncture with my Neuro and sadly, I did not have any noticeable improvement. Welcome Debbylou (sorry for the reason) to this site, I am 67 yrs with SPMS and I have/had all of your MS symptoms and I could write a book on the MS hug. I have never had any of the ABC drugs, I am in a power chair 24/7, so it looks like they worked at least somewhat for you.

  • Welcome, DebbyLou. Job came to mind when I read your post. I am sorry to hear about all you have suffered through.

    I pray you experience better health and increased hope in 2017. Personally, I don't think you could find a more encouraging, empathetic, and fun-loving group to spend it with.

  • Hi DebbyLou , I have had very good luck with Marinol for spasticity. I know some people are hesitant to use any form of marijuana. This is in pill form and it has never made me feel "high". It always brings total relief to my tightness or spasms within 12 hours.

  • DebbyLou you will have to let us know how your cupping experience goes! There might be a place area towns over l could check out.☺

    And l don't know if l told you already butlm going to cut n paste this anyway.☺ Don't tell anyone l cheat. Lol

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  • @Jesmcd2 Jes, sorry, it's not the cupping I'm trying out. My test drive is with acupuncture. I go Tuesday at 1:00. I will let you know how it went on Wed. I am a teeny bit aware of cupping though. My PT provided a one time experience with it for me. I do believe it could have had some merit. It was this PT who suggested I try therapeutic massage (it is a very relaxing process, but hasn't provided any lasting relief) along side of acupuncture.

    Really? You are going to tell a retired teacher that you cheated! And then warn me not to tell anyone. I'm telling Mom! :))

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