Am stiffness

The past couple of wks I've been walking up very stiff. This is now effecting my kids and getting to school on time. As I wobble the kids to school my brain is feeling confused and stressed. Why is my right side so different than my left? I feel like I'm going crazy.

I also experience random color changes in my right eye (red, green and slight greyish). What's up with that!? This is truly difficult to understand and make sense of.

Feeling stressed and crazy.

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  • Stepinup Not crazy but sounds like you are stressed. If I remember right you are still waiting on diagnosis? Have you had a followup with neuro to go over all your recent tests? Hopefully you will get some answers soon and maybe meds to deal with what sounds like spacticity. If the eye changes are new I would let them know.

  • I am most frustrated but I called my Neuro today and left a message about what had happened. I don't have a follow up yet, he is booked for three months. In on call for any openings. As of now I have no diagnosis...

    I did my stretches this morning which helped my mood☺

  • Update from Neuro... Referral to see Neuro Ophthalmologist. Is this a normal thing that neurologists do?

  • Perhaps he thinks that with the eye symptoms you mentioned above,optic neuritis? I have never had it myself.

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