Hi all,

My name is Mark Graham from Bondurant Iowa. My MS started off as vision problems in 1998. I was diagnosed in 2004 after an MRI showed lesions. I started on Copaxone immediately after the diagnosis. Changed to Tysabri and had one infusion then they took it off the market. Went back to Copaxone then changed later to Rebif. My liver didn't like Rebif so went back on Copaxone. I have changed since to Aubagio and haven't had issues since starting more than a year ago.

Currently into motorcycles, astronomy and flying quadcopters.

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  • Hello, Mark. I'm sorry you have reason to visit this site, but what a great group of people are here! I find so many helpful suggestions and support here and hope you do, too.

  • Hello an good morning Megraham, it's Fancy1959 welcome you to this awesome chat room. You're from Iowa, do you live in rural Iowa farm country? I'm from Central Kentucky and we're down to 28 Acres as we age but 10 years ago I ran a thoroughbred breeding operation. We are pretty much surrounded by horse farms and I love where we live.

    Moving on to your post I find it I odd that you were taking off Tysabri when it was taken off the market. The reason I find it odd is that I am still on it and have been on it for this venture over 8 months. I was on it previously about 2 years ago for 7 months. I didn't know and can explain why it's off the market and Iowa and still being used here in Kentucky. It might be something to talk to your neurologist about and find out what's up with it.

    The only thing that I ever was into that was off-road type vehicles were the four-legged kind called horses. I've written for over 50 years and am currently rehabbing to try to get back on them. They're great for MS Kama they build up core strength and leg strength and balance. I have to build up my leg strength to get back on them and the rest will come. Tell me what a quadcopter is? It sounds very interesting.

    For anything dealing with MS you have found a safe place full of kinda and compassionate people with years and years of experience and dealing with MS and its many facets it manifest on it's victims. If you have questions or concerns just them in the post like you introduced yourself. If you got information to share with others or another post Just Jump right In. The more you reply or talk to him the quicker will get to know you and you get to know us. We are glad you are here and we hope to be able to learn from you and you from us. What I would like you to take from our first conversation is together we are stronger! I look forward to your next reply and please keep in touch.

  • I am so happy that your progress is so slow. I recall reading that if your MS begins in your vision as opposed to your chest or legs, that you have better odds of not being crippled (I know that is not PC anymore, but it is a word that defines a fact of life for some of us oldsters), which is a good thing. You also seem very active and disciplined with your meds.

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