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Good morning, I'm new here almost fresh out of intense therapy since June 20th. I went in patient on that day for thoughts of self harm or harming others. Thanks be to God, I am no longer having those thoughts. My anxieties are somewhat better now that I am back with my husband trying to live a "new normal" life. My main MS related symptom, new, is tingling and numbness in my hands every morning. It is also painful and spreads up arms and across my upper back. Anyone else experience this on a regular basis?


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5 Replies

  • Welcome Childof1God to our chat that is growing bigger by the day and no wants to be part of. So glad your feeling better and your husband is great support. Have you gone to any MS support groups in your town? They are great also. I don't have the symtems you have, but lm sure someone might.

  • I had those symptoms for about 7 years before my dx. The depression is normal I guess. I've experienced i and have read about quite a few others that have. Itus important to ha e someone to talk to when you're feeling emotional. The pain is a hard part of this. The MS hug can cause pain across your chest, through yourabdomen and around your back just like your being constanly squeezed. I believe that's what you're referring to. Someone else told me about it. It made me feel good to know there is a name for it. You will be alright. We are here and this is a great family. I don't know how i would get through if not for this

  • Yep, all day every day tingling and numbness. Would drive anyone nuts. I've started hydroxyzine to get to sleep at night. Otherwise is weakness in hands and trouble walking. Have a hard time buttoning shirts, tying shoes, or anything involving precise movement with fingers - like picking up change from my pocket. Feet and legs tingling and numbness also. Sucks

  • Morning, I have the tingling and numbness in my fingers. It's worse in my right hand. I also get it in my toes, again worse in my right foot. I am not on any ms medication because I have RLS, I cannot take anti nausea drugs, but for me the cocktail I take for RLS works and so far keeps the pain subdued. Like audiophile I have difficulty fastening buttons, and using a pen, so writing is a problem. Thank God for tablets. Again the depression, I can't take anything for that as it irritates the RLS so some days are really tough. God bless Jimeka

  • I have numbness and tingling on and off in my left hand and arm. Less frequently in my feet. For me it seems to last minutes to hours. It is annoying. Makes me want to keep rubbing my hands tonwake them up! And makes it hard to style my hair. And use heavy dishes. I went out and got plastic plates, nice ones, because I was breaking all our dishes dropping them.

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