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Update on using my Freedom Chair

Since I first got this, the weather up here in Indiana has been exceptionally good, & I've been able to use it more than expected. I've taken many "walks" in my neighborhood, something I couldn't do before. It's truly amazing how different things appear from the ground as opposed to the view from a car. It's also been a great & new way to exercise. I've ridden my recumbent bike for years, & do a lot of stretching & handheld weights. But the freedom chair works out the arms, shoulders, pecs. I have learned that if I budget my time so I ride the bike in the morning & use the freedom chair in the afternoon, I feel better than I have for years. The only downside is that the chairs are expensive. To my mind, it's cheaper than a power chair (but insurance helps with those), & keeps me more active. gogrit.us if interested.

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Lisacpa, you've gained both a physical aide as well as a morale booster with your new freedom chair. I'm so happy for you! I'm anxious to see all the places you'll go with your newfound freedom. 💕


Your description is perfect, Tutu. Thanks!


I will have to have a look at one of those, you enjoy, thank you for sharing🌈

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