Freedom Chair

Freedom Chair

I ordered one of these & I think it's going to be a big plus in my life. It's made to use on hiking trails, beaches, snow. I've used mine on grassy areas, rutted streets. I really like it and thought I would just see if anyone else has used one. If you're unfamiliar with it, the website is It's expensive but does have a 30-day trial so you can send it back. You use your arms to propel yourself.

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  • Also, I have no idea why there's a tag for cocaine (!) associated with my post, but trust me-I've never done illicit drugs!

  • that would upset me having that tag on my posts...with our health we cannot take drugs and it was not drugs that caused it.

  • My 3 wheeled bike is called Freedom. Hope it works for you and you get the freedom it looks as though it will give you. Have fun

  • What is a Freedom Chair and how would I get one?

  • How would that work on a beach?

  • You really need to go to and see for yourself. You could also Google "freedom chair."

  • I want one!! That is great, does it tip over?

  • It's supposed to be quite difficult to tip it over. The wheel in the front provides the stability. Go to and check it out. You can "chat" with people during business hours.

  • Thank you Lisa I did go there and looking at financing, where I live its mountainous my arms are weak now so not sure how well I will climb hills but I want to try I have been housebound now for years, thank you for sharing this.

  • Lisacpa, I am Fancy1959 want to officially welcome you to this wonderful chat room. I am not certain how far I would be able to make it in your Freedom Church since my legs and my shoulders both have limited stamina. It looks like your arms and shoulders have to really be strong to use it. Butt if it works for you it's a fantastic idea. My idea of a freedom chair it's called Tango. He is a 10 year old Pinto Sorrel Walking Horse large Pony. He is an awesome, even tempered, bombproof gentle little soul of a horse. We are both lucky to find our individual passions. I am so very happy you shared the freedom chair with our chat room. I would like to invite you to become our newest Ms Warrior. As an MS Warrior we never even and we never give up. We remember that we are stronger together! We never give in and we never give up. We simply fight on MS Warriors, fight on!

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