My right leg and arm at night lately have been spasming and jerking so bad! So bad that it's like I can feel the nerve in my limbs starting to be tweaked. Like a tuning fork has hit and my limbs just severely jerk. When it affects my arm,the whole side if my trunk spams like a seizure. It only lasts a minute but is very painful and uncomfortable I was diagnosed Oct 2015 and started on Copaxone Dec 2015

I take 800 mg Neurontin. I don't alsways take my night dose. If I'm feeling ok ,I don't. I take 2mg tizanidine 4xday PRN. I take 250mg magnesium and now 75mg tramadol just prescribed for my severe left leg and back spasms and pain. It got so bad Ibwas taken out of work 2 wks ago. I see a pain/spine clinic this Friday.

Anyone also deal with these extreme spasms?

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  • I do on my right side but I have restless leg syndrome as well ( RLS) which is the cause of mine. According to my neurologist the 2 conditions go hand in hand. I take pramipexole at 6 pm which keeps it in check. Tell your doctor what you are experiencing and see what they think. Hope you get it sorted, Cheers Jimeka

  • Good morning MSSurvivor, it's Fancy1959. I wanted to say hello since we haven't compared health notes before. I can relate to your spasms except mine hit me first thing in the morning usually. And boy, I had better be laying or sitting down when they hit because they sure do rock my boat! Seriously, like you said, they seem to just take over your entire body. Mine cause me to stretch uncontrollably and I sometimes wind up on the floor they become so strong. I guess I am lucky because I can't say mine really hurt, they simply take over every muscle from my toes to my fingertips. I am curious to hear what others have to say about muscle spasms. Like jimeka, I, too have restless leg syndrome and I am on Mirapex for that and Gabapentin for the discomfort my MS causes in my hands and arms. Good question! Remember information is our friend and we are stronger together! Fight on MS Warrior, fight on!

  • Hi, I was dx 2001 and my spams was so bad I would kick my wife and dog in my sleep. I take bacaflen for my spams. You should not miss taking meds. Talk to your doctor and explain your trouble with your spams. I also did a lot of reading on the subject. I hope this helps you.

  • Hi Bobby59 you sound like me. I was kicking my boyfriend and my dog so bad that my boyfriend moved to the couch and my dog moved to the head of head of the bed. There was nothing l could do at the time. No one knew what was going on at the time. :)

  • I know, I was forced to sleep on the couch by myself. My dog gave up they slept on the floor. It's funny now that I think about it. But to this day I still sleep separate from my wife, but now I have a bed. :-)

  • Hi MSSurvivor the spasms are what started me on my rode to being dx to MS. Except mine lasted 24/7 for months. Before they finally stopped, sort of. Now l only get them when l push myself to much, which is pretty much daily. I am also on the tramadol for pain, because of the back surgerys I've had, the spasms pull badly. All you can do is take it easy and listen to your body. Sit when it's to much :)

  • Yes, my husband has spasms all night long. They seem to get worse when he has a UTI or any type of infection. He take Tizanadine 6 mg at night with gabapentin and clonazepam. Helps some . He also takes baclofen before bed

  • I have had issues with spasms from the very beginning, which was almost 20 years ago. I take up to 6 pills a day of tizanidine (4 mg each). I take 3 pills before I go to bed at night, no matter how I feel. I will take up to 3 during the day, if need be. This seems to work for me. I too, was kicking the heck out of my husband at night. The spasms were also waking me up, and very painful. The only other thing is that if I take any during the day, I find that within an hour of taking one, I can't help but fall asleep for half an hour. It just knocks me out. Then I am fine afterwards.

  • I am on a lot of meds but I have RLS along with everything else. I also get severe spasms. For the restless leg syndrome I take one mg before bed. For severe spasms I take five mg of Valium as needed. But everyone is different , somethings may work for one but may not for someone else. Good luck 🍀.

  • meant to say one mg of mirapex, or pramipexole..generic name for rls.

  • I was diagnosed almost 25 years ago with RRMS which progressed to SPMS. I experienced severe spasticity for several years. First, take your meds as prescribed. Don't skip if you are feeling better. Ask your doctor about a Baclofen pump. I'm wishing you the best. My MS progressed dramatically until 2011 when my new neurologist had me start high dose vitamin D. Coincidence or not, the progression stopped and my symptoms abated. Spasticity is well controlled with half the dose of Baclofen that I was on.

  • Yep, my arms and legs all can go into spasm, usually on one side unless I'm having a relapse, in which case they all go flying. I have found that medical cannabis calms it almost immediately; no edibles or creams for that one. It needs to get in the bloodstream fast so I vape it. If your state doesn't have medical marijuana, my dr used to use Lorazipam, brand name Ativan. IV works the fastest, but pills will work, they just take more time. The worst thing about these spasms is that they don't stop even when the muscles are so exhausted they feel like they're about to die and they're screaming at you to stop but you can't.

  • I had severe spasms that made it impossible to stand up straight. My doctor had me on baclofen, but the dose wasn't enough to keep me from being curled up. I got to the point where I was crawling on my hands and knees because I couldn't stand up. I ended up falling while trying to pull myself up to get on the toilet and went to the hospital. They said I didn't have anything that was broken, but I couldn't go home until they got me straightened up. I ended up getting a Baclofen pump. Now I am like a new person! I can stand up straight and walk with a walker. I can sleep four to five hours instead of waking up every forty five minutes in pain. I don't know if this would be a solution for you, but it was a miracle for me!

    I hope you find a good solution, spasms are the worst!

  • Hello! Lately I've experienced bad spasms in my left leg. I started with numbness and I wasn't able to walk right, so they did an MRI of my spine and found some lesions. The spasms have gotten pretty uncomfortable...something I had never experienced before. Like you said, you feel like your limbs are tweaking. I was put on baclofen and that has help a bit to sleep.

    Good luck with your pain/spine appt!

    Be well!!!

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