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Toenail clipping Help please!

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Sorry for posting this so late, been a night owl lately, my days and nights are mixed up, can't sleep at night when I'm supposed to, been up with d@#ned leg cramps and spasms. Just can't seem to get comfortable at a decent "normal" bedtime. Don't know what "normal" is any more, either. Anywhoo, went to clip my toenails before my shower this afternoon. Used my walker seat to sit on, and tried putting my feet up on another chair. Well, I ended up clipping the top and sides of my toes instead of the nails! My toes are numb most of the time, so can't feel them. So while I was bending over towards the chair, I got serious pain under my ribs. Felt like they were shifting out of place and going to break! Guess I'm looking for an easier way to do this. Any suggestions you folks might have will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance! 🙂

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I may suggest you on your seating posture while trimming/clipping your toe nails.

You sit on a sturdy chair and place your (one) leg on a different chair/stool/railings and the other leg on the ground.

Note that you must be comfortabile in stretching your arms to reach your toes.

There must be something like a hard object to hold on to, in case of sudden bodily change of postures.

Better safe than sorry.

Then, start your trimming/clipping.


Note: This is only one of the ways of many possibilities.

Edit 1:

Of course, you take the help of your partner.🤞

I believe that, self-help is the best help.😊

I soak my feet so that my nails are soft and easier to trim. Also I have long handled nail clippers so that I don’t have to reach as far. Blessings Jimeka 🦋

I have to let you know my husband has to cut my toe nails I can’t reach them anymore, well I can reach some of them but to get them all it is best for him to cut them. You might want to cut them after you get out of the shower when they are softer to cut.

I do remember my dad going to a foot doctor to have his cut but then again he was on cumadin a blood thinner. I had come cut his nails once and I nicked his skin and it bleed for awhile and I wouldn’t cut them again it scared me that I had done that to him

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

I used to love taking care of my nails both toes and fingernails my problem is that my left hand doesn’t have the agility or strength like I use too I can’t cut my meat at dinner time. That I also need my husband to cut.

My grandmother goes to a foot dr and get her toenails clipped

I saw a long handled clipper on Amazon called the "Easy Reach Toenail Clipper." Perhaps something like that would help.

Bamfan1442, My Mom has her toe nails cut by a podiatrist every few months and it is covered by Medicare.

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Bamfam1442, it is Fancy. I was in the same boat you are and I had terrible trouble trying to clip my toenails. My husband was lettuce a unresponsive to my pleas for assistance and refused to help cut them at all. it seemed to him they weren't long enough to cut even though they were my toes and they were snagging all my socks and I needed them cut. I found a wonderful product that ended my dilemma but I'm not good about adding them on to reply. So I will create a new post about the miracle equipment to cut your toenails and check out what I post on there. It might truly be an answer to your prayers but then again you might have already tried them. It's the best and only thing I can think to help you so check it out. Fancy.

I hate cutting my nails. I can reach but my dexterity and fine motor control and vision make even finger nails (and tweezing eye brows) a challenge 😬

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It’s good to know I’m not alone in the toenail department the eye brows I can still do but what pain.

Fancy1959 i ordered the nail clipper u recommended