Introducing myself

Introducing myself

Hi everyone! My name is April. I have had MS for 21 years... fist hit in 1995 - months after my son was born; officially diagnosed in 2001 - at first thought it was Anthrax because of the "inconclusive" results in my office (DC). I have been on Betaseron, Copaxone (twice - 7 & 3 day), Rebif and Tysabri. Getting ready to start Tecfidera. I also now have Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Celiac. MS stinks. It was the beginning of a very challenging adulthood and took a lot of "normalcy" from me. However, I know that it's just something that I have and does not own me. I have a lot of support from family and friends. I've been in a wheel chair a few times; but, the moment I am able, I'm back on the treadmill or walking. I think those things have helped me recover from exacerbations. The most frustrating line I get is, "You don't look sick." I just want to scream when I hear that. I still work full-time (mostly telecommuting) and I'm very active in my church. I hope that everyone who reads this finds hope and overcomes each personal battle. Best wishes and take care! ~April

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  • I love your optimism! I too find strength through God and my church, but can't be very active in it due to fatigue and cognitive issues of ms. But, I will never give up hope on finding a cure or restoring damaged myelin some day. I may feel defeated at times, but I will never BE defeated!

  • Hi April!

    I hate that saying with a passion! If only they knew what we were feeling on the inside! I also have diabetes and hypothyroidism. And I've had 4 back surgeries due to a fall at work! I just got diagnosed with MS but I have been sick for Bout 5 years and nobody could figure it out. Finally I got really bad headaches and went to the neurologist and she sent me for a spinal tap.

    Stay strong!!!

  • God is able to see us through any trying time! Amen!! Yes, you will be alright, so will the rest of us!! 👊🏾

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