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History of my psoriasis

Ariund 1990, |I discovered some strange areas on my right leg. Before I knew it, It was all over my body, and to my horror in my scalp. I was soon launched into a regime of assorted creams and portions. It became part of my life to apply this medication.

I didn't have the internet at the time, and was busy getting books from the library. I joined the psiorasis society. I studied clothing, diet.

Eventually, I was prescribed PUVA at Stevenage, I think I went 2-3 times a week. There was a tedious procedure to be followed prior to the treatment. The PUVA treatment started at one minute and built up to 20 Minutes. The longest 20 minutes in the PUVA. Prior to the session and during it, I had to wear sunglases. The effect was only partial.

In 1996, i broke my leg and sprained the other. I could only crawl on my knees which had been affected by psoriasis. I had a large area on my left calf covered up by the POP splint. Ii was interesting to see how big it had got when the splint came off.

I had a spell in Israel which was hot and horrid and, for me, didn't do much good. It was interesting to meet people from all over the world, and a lot worse off than me. .

I had different treatments for the scalp. One was so smelly and unpleasant, I had to keep the ointment in a sealed tin. And it didn't do much good.

I lived with this condition for years and then in the 2000s, it inexplicably disappeared within days. Amazing but my scalp remains the same. I have decided just to use pure natural products. Coal tar preparations and steroids aggravated my forehead.

I wondered about the cause of this condition. I was told that it was stress but I didn't blame that. Prior to this I had sources of infection in my body. Chest infections and chronic tonsillitis resulting in surgery.

At the moment I have scalp psoriasis which wont go away. Any ideas.

Anyone that suffers with this condition -- it is possible that it can go away. Good luck!!

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i have psoriasis and also get it in my hair. originally i was told it was sebhorric dermatitis (but i didnt have psoriasis at the time) I use NIZORAL shampoo, but boots and superdrug do a cheaper version which works just as well. you can get nizoral on prescription (if u dont pay for them) otherwise its cheaper to buy it. Good luck with it. Dont panic if it looks like youve got chronic dandruff first time you use it - its the flakes coming off. just brush it out and it gets less and less each time.


Thanks..I will try this.



wow annie, this gives me hope hearing that yours just went away :) i do sympathise with the scalp p. its awful, i haven't visited the hair dresser in years because of it, im praying that goes away just like the rest of your p :)


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