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i am a 23 year old male student a weeks ago i got diagnosed with psoriasis, in that time its spread all over my body and my confidence has took a massive knock. I don't really know what i can do to stop the spreading if anything, i have been given creams but its still getting worse and for some reason it get more prominent when i have contact with water,don't know if that's normal. If anyone could give me some advice on how to live with the condition who has it them self that would be grate cheers.

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Do an Art Of Living Foundation YES! + Workshop to become stress free. Stress is the main precipitating factor in your case! All the very best!


hi ive had psoriasis or 10 years now i have tried loads of creams had photo therapy but none of it worked the water might have be to hard so hard water will make it worse if you can have baths use dead sea salt that will help i have found something that has helped me and thats not eating wheat it takes 4 weeks to leave your system but it could work for you but its not a cheap option have a look at this website psoriasis-association.org.u... it will tell you more and help you


Please go to your Doctor and ask for an appointment with a Dermatologist. They can then identify the type of Psoriasis you have and will go through the various treatments available, it can be trial and error as one size does not fit all.

The condition is not easy to control and as with a lot of treatments it is usual to start with the mildest and monitor until the right medication for you is found. It's a long job but you will get there. Take it slowly and calmly, read up on BSF website as there are new treatments coming through. It's a B nuisance but it's not life threatening! Please avoid anything other than your Dermatologists prescriptions, some herbal remedies contain extractions that are triggers for Psoriasis and ,as the doses are not tailored to you, can have very unpleasant side effects.

Last of all my friend, it's a disease you cannot spread to others and it can;t kill you. Just a suggestion.....if you smoke try to stop, ditto drinking (cutting back is a help). Psoriasis does not define you......You define You.



Hello there, I suffer with ecezma but have been in the skin hospital with psoriasis and I leanrned that natural sunlight is very good. Obviously living in this country, that is not easy for us Brits. Natural Sea Salt in bath water is good. Don't have bath water too hot and after you get out of the bath, pat your skin dry - do not rub. The nurses taught us to put the towel over our bodies and just rub our hands gently over the towel to absorb the water. While the skin is still damp, moisturise well. Keep moisturising throughout the day. The patients in the hospital used to have ultra violet sun rays. This would mean they used to have to go in a booth with sunglasses on. One girl was lucky enough to be able to afford to go the Dead Sea but obviously this is not an option for everyone.

Your doctor is the best person to give advice.

My son is at university and has ecezma all over his face. When he was at school his confidence used to be low, but I taught him to go out there and make people aware of skin conditions. It wasn't easy to begin with but I told him "just be yourself - be proud of you are and don't worry about what you're not". People will learn to respect you. My son has earned so much respect from his friends and they don't take any notice now. Most people have something wrong with them, it's what makes us all unique.Let your personality shine,and your confidence will soon grow.

Good luck!


I've had psoriasis since I was 8 or 9 - in now 44. I agree with lots of what's been said above.

Water can make a difference, I travel a lot for work and one shower in a "bad" water area makes it flare up. Where are you based out of interest? If I've been there I'll let you know if the water affects me.

Also, have you changed washing powder/fabric conditioner? I always use non bio and that's best for me. Whatever some hotels use (particularly Travelodge) is a nightmare.

I find sun good, but burn in about half an hour even with factor 50. Never found any benefit with salt baths, but that's just me.

When I was little I was told to change cows milk to goats milk (or cut it out). Stress is also a big factor - my skin was a lot worse when I was at school getting bullied about it than when I grew up - well older, I've never grown up.

It will get better, give it time and have the patience. Mine used to be both arms, legs, scalp and parts of my back. It's now just small patches on elbows, knees and in my scalp. It still comes and goes, but I've learned to live with it.

Definitely get referred to a dermatologist. They can do a lot more than they could 40 years ago. And be forceful, if something doesn't work, go back to try other things.

Good Luck



Hello there, You can try with Ayurveda natural herbs. Ayurveda can help you to get rid of this condition. Please visit dermaved.com or theayurvedicclinic.com/skin...




Hi, from what others have said here that I am the oldest and have had Ps the longest! I am 60 and I was born with the condition, therefore I can fully say that I have the T-shirt etc. I also happen to have Psoriatic Arthritis so am definitely wearing the T-shirt!

What you need to understand first and foremost is your bodies Auto Immune System is in overdrive and that is why you are having the extra skin shredding on your body. If you look up Auto Immune Diseases you will see that Psoriasis is listed, therefore you must not take any remedies for improving your Immune System, as this will cause your skin to go even more into overdrive. As previously mentioned only take or use creams and potions provided by your GP or Dermatologist, otherwise you will just be spending money that is unnecessary. I know to my cost the countless times I have tried different products to get rid of this disease but have unfortunately not.

Having said that when you do get the right medication for you it will ebb to a place where you are comfortable with the condition, i.e. knees and elbows and small spots in other places. You will find that if you cut yourself that this may turn to Ps for a while during healing.

You say your a student and this will have it's own stresses without the added impact of Ps, to help that with stress, try and take a long walk each day for 1/2 or 1hour to get everything sorted in your mind, it will help to relax you. If you loves gyms, (I hate them), then do some kick boxing, any activity that you know works for you to take your stress away then do it.

If you are given antibiotics at anytime for other illness this will make your skin worse through the duration, unless it is actuality prescribed for Ps in which case it will make it better.

I also use non-bio washing powder and I only use Comfort conditioner as others irritate

my skin, but you will have to find what works for you. Sitting in the sun is good, but not for too long, or even sitting under an umbrella still works. When you speak to your Gp or dermatologist see about having a Vitamin D blood test as you may be low in that, I had to have a six month course last year where I was so low in it.

I have given you some food for thought as others here have. But most of all do live your life to the fullest you can be. Good Luck and take care.x


Hi Georje,

Just wanted to say that is all very sound advice.

I agree about not buying the latest "miracle cure" - cupboards end up full of them don't they!!

Also, personally I don't find that cuts etc turn into patches of Psoriasis. I always wanted tattoos and read that they sometimes encouraged psoriasis due to the skin damage. Gave it a go with no adverse effects so the collection grows :)



Hi. I have had ps since I was 26 it came after a distressfull pregnancy where my father died jyst before I gave birth. Im 60 this year and have had mild and excessive bouts of ps. My dermatologust trw5ats mine with methotrexate 20mg however this year I have bec ome diagnosed with Ps Arthritis which us quite painfull. I was shocked to receive thus diagnosis. SO my advice to you is gotothe professionals and they are Dermatologist s.....GPs are exactly that gp s are not skin specialists. Next try to destress your lifestyle.....I never thought myself as stressed but it can happen inside you its called anxiety, worry, concerned. ?..either way YOU may not recognuse it as stress. Finally, others look at your skin......you do not walk around with a mirror infront of your face so it is others that bringit to your mind.........basically what I taught my self was be bold ! Where short sleeves or shorts if you want to dont get upset if so mine stares be in their face instead....,,, only by you forgetting its there will you live with it and not be stressed by it......dont let others change the beautiful you!

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Use a combination of 25 rare Chinese medicinal herbs and decocts into liquid for addition into water. Through dip, flush, soak, wash, rub, steaming and fumigating, the fluid is allowed to permeate thoroughly. The effect is remarkable. see more treatment on vitiligotcm.com


I sympathise with you, I have it on my scalp, it does get you down. I am trying Humankind Organics Psoriasis Shampoo, whilst awaiting a dermatologist appt. This company also do a skin cream as well but its not cheap....have a look at their website. humankindorganics.co.uk/ind...

I am hoping a natural treatment will work better than chemical or coal tar remedies. I would advise you to re-visit your GP if the creams you have don't work....or try the natural organic product approach like me. Stress/anxiety apparently make this worse so try not to worry!


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I'm with Santadria on this one. I've been using Humankind organics products for over a year and achieved more success than overcounter or prescription remedies. I use their cream for my legs and arms and this really stops me itching straight away, its fabulous and the shampoo cleared my scalp psoriasis in just a few days. The other things I like are dead sea baths and yoga as I'm still in a mind set that my anxiousness is partly the cause of my condition. I sympathise with anyone with itchy skin regardless what the condition is, to feel this way constantly is the absolute pits. I get my dead sea salt from ebay and my shampoo and cream from humankindorganics.co.uk

Hope this helps someone else


Have you seen this? Might be of interest to you??



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