Can Branch Chained Amino-Acid's make auto-immune conditions worse?

I've got Psoriatic Arthritis and Crohn's and have just started taking BCAA's as I workout alot. One of the effects of BCAA's is apparently strengthening of the immune system. However I'm on many immunosuppressants drugs, so would BCAA's counteract my immunosuppressants medication and exacerbate my conditions?

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  • Dave,

    With your condition I would be careful with your diet,keeping it simple and natural. If your proteins are derived from milk I would drop them.


  • Hi daveb09,

    I couldn't find that much info. about amino acids and drug interactions. However, they do interact with medications for Parkinson's and diabetes. Prednisolone can decrease the effects of the amino acid supplements and thyroid medications can prevent the body from breaking them down properly.

    Branched chained amino acids are most abundant in foods such as pork, turkey, milk, cheese, cottage cheese and nuts.


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