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Invisalign disaster!!! Dentist disaster!!!

I have swelling underneath my bottom lip, on both sides also their was a lot of dryness around my mouth causing deep creases all over my mouth area. I had been wearing an Invisalign retainer and also the dentist had corrected my bite, looking back I also remember when the dentist assistant took impressions on my teeth for the retainers he was pushing down on my jaw hard. My face is disfigured something went wrong. I stopped wearing my retainers so my teeth are now shifting back, I only got Invisalign to close the gap between my teeth, I regret going to that dentist and getting Invisalign. What could have caused my lip area to look like an upside down u. Please help me, how can my face be corrected?

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I suspect it's swelling caused by all the messing around that's been done to your mouth and teeth, so it will go down in time. If it's painful you could try a little ibuprofen gel.


Just last night I decided to put the retainers back in my mouth, Hopefully I don’t get more of the puffy pockets. I did go to the hospital and was giving a steroid shot, the dryness has gone away but the pockets underneath my lips are still there.


Are you alergic to something on the plastic material of the retainer?


After wearing the retainers again I tried for a day and then wore them that night but I was suddenly awoken by coughing and a burning behind my tongue I took off the retainers and I am wearing my regular aligners until I get permanent wire retainers, I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the plastic of the retainers, but the dentist said they are made of the same plastic however I went to research and it’s a different brand from Invisalign is vivera so I’m not sure if what she is saying is correct all I know is that the plastic is really thick and maybe the chemicals coming off of that plastic is making my face dry up like a rock and I’m noticing the pockets forming that won’t go away.

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