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Hi Dose Anyone Know What This Is

Hi Dose Anyone Know What This Is

Hi can anyone tell me what this is at the bottom of my foot near my little toes its skin but looks like blister it burns stings hurts .. It started as patch of hard skin i picked of after bath then that grew back and go's deep into bottom of my foot top down into my foot

A dont think its cyst blister or wart .. But i do suffer from restrictive and obstructive lung disease

Am waiting for appointment with poiderty specialist at my local hospital

Cheers thanks

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Could be a corn??????????????

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Hi, Ice19d Cheers thanks for link comment yer a dont think its corn as like big root ball undetneath a can directly press it and it dont hurt

It's if a wobble it the root ball lit kills and its been affecting my 3 little toe stinging and burning numbness

My doc thinks might be wart but she's not 100%

I have never seen one out like that

Where it go's into my foot its only conected to quarter 1/4 dead hard skin at surface other 3/4 quarter of lump is not conected to side of hole just go's deep into my foot and is rooted


About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with Bullous Pemphigoid and the blisters look very like that.

Ask to be referred to a Dermatologist. Before I was diagnosed, I saw umpteen doctors, none of whom knew what my blisters were. I just happened to ask a Pharmacist, who was a locum in our local Pharmacy, normally he worked in Hospital. He knew what it was immediately and told me to go to Casualty

Of course, yours could be something completely different.

Bear in mind that the pictures on DermNetNZ are the worst case scenarios!

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Hi mrsmop cheers yer a don't think its bullius or a blister its just like lump of skin

Cheers thats for reply comment


Have you or your doctor tried draining it? My A&E 'deroofed' mine, which was completely the wrong thing to do, as I subsequently learned. If your doctor drains it, the top skin reattaches to the skin under the blister. The blisters can be what they refer to as 'very tense'

Perhaps it has been sorted by now? How have you got on?


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