Any treatments for cholinergic urticaria?

I have cholinergic urticaria which is induced principally by exercise. I moved to the UK age 18 from Spain and took up intensive sports (swimming/gym/cycling). I developed the allergy age 21 and it is induced principally by sport. I have had it now for 7 years and given up most sports.

I have tried H1/H2 antihistamines, monteleukast, mast cell stabilisers, phototherapy (UVA, UVB), Ciclosporin, Chinese medicines recommended by alternative practitioners, diet changes - and am going to try Doxopin, Beta blockers, Probanthene, Omaluzinab (hopefully).

The antihistamines (Loratidine / Ranitidine) have a moderate reductive effect on the itching, but nothing else has any effect. I am open to trying anything!

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  • Hi Deathwing. I don't know much about cholingergic urticaria but I did find this website that has further information, thought it might be of use:

  • Thank you, it's always good to read up more on the condition. I am surprised I haven't seen that site before! I'll have a read up on it!

  • I have had quite a bit of rather hideous itch in the past, not sure what type but it increases massively in a hot bath. I discovered recently that I had high blood pressure, since taking some pills, a statin and Calcium Channel blocker, my blood pressure has gone down and I do not get the itching.

    Might be worth checking your blood pressure, mine was pretty high, I did not believe that at first due to one bloke measuring it with the wrong size cuff, now I use a monitor that has an audio output, right size cuff and keep up regular checks. If you are a muscular chap, with big biceps you may need a large cuff. It may be that people giving up regular exercise can have changes to their blood pressure.

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