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Chronic urticaria anyone?

Hi guys, so I have been told by my doctor I may have chronic urticaria, first doctor told me I had rosecea. Turns out it's not!!

Anybody suffer with this so I could chat a bit more about it ☺

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Hey I have suffered from this and eventually it was diagnosed as chronic idiopathic urticaria. Horrible horrible thing to have. Haven't had an attack of this for some time now but I've suffered for years on and off.

Here to chat :)



So what is it exactly as I've been wrongly diagnosed twice! 😶


urticaria is a type of rash that is unbelievably itchy and looks like big wheels like hives on the skin. Like nettle rash. Sometimes the cause of if isn't know and can last from 6 weeks to possibly months or years. I had my episodes for years at a time until it faded and cleared up.

If you have urticaria you know about it, it isn't something you can ignore. It can be painful and areas of the face and mouth can swell.

I was confused that your doctor had said you had rosecea as urticaria is usually obvious from the symptoms.

So do you have the rash and is it really itchy?


See now I don't think it's that...my symptoms are

Rash can begin on my chest more often or not, then all of a sudden it's on my back, then it will appear on one leg. After each area flares up the previous area will fade.

If I take an antihistamine it dissappear after half hour, it itches so much sometimes I make my self bleed.

To begin with I thought it was food related but I can get it late at night and first thing.

I do have other problems atm Ashwell including weight gain, bloating, gas, hair loss, fatigue, weak nails, constant icky throat so I've had bloods taken today testing for thyroid, coeliac and vitamin deficiency etc so I wonder if it's related at all to any of that?!

I'm thinking it's not rosecea or urticaria I'm thinking truth be known they really just don't know. 😒 x


I've had Urticaria for several years and the rash behaves exactly as you have described. It can move daily, after 2 or 3 days or even stay put for a couple of weeks. I take antihistamine once every day and use cream as well when it gets really bad.

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It's frustrating isn't it when no one can tell you what it is. Have you been referred to a dermatologist?

Urticaria rash looks like mishaped raised bumps, they can get so big they all blend into one.

If you haven't already I suggest asking the doctor to refer you to a specialist.

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Yeah I might have to as I dint want to live on antihistamines for the rest of my life.

Thankfully so much for all your help 👍 xx


Ask doctor about drug XOLAIR. Given as an injection for idiopathic (chronic)urticaria. Good results reported in clearing up your condition,good luck.

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Hey I suffer from the same they didn't know what it was for years that I stopped going to the doctors. It starts on my chest and then moves to my thighs, it eventually disappears but almost looks like a bruise for a week or so. Doctor told me I was allergic to my bra (....unhelpful).

Anyway I haven't been back to the doctors for years but I read online about creams with natural tea tree in and it's really helped! I usually get a flare up when I'm stressed or nervous about something! Everyone calls it my worry rash...! Sad but true!

Hope this helps xxx

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That's really strange as I suffer with anxiety

Funnily enough about 3 years ago I broke out in a rash over my back at the doctors and she even said to me then, don't panic that's just another way your anxiety comes out... Makes sense now 🌼


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