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Any successful treatments of Rosacea? Help, pls!


Hello, everybody! I have Rosacea. The problem is not only in the visible capillaries but that it really complicates many things for me: the choise of cosmetics (that costs a lot as it's not some massmarket brand), the reddish tone of the face which I need to hide under my make-up, the visits to my beautician even!!! Normally, the cosmetologists use the steamer before the facial to open the pores and make extraction and etc.. It simply won't work with me as I have a very sensitive, fragile skin and it reacts immediately to the heat. Sometimes, in the evenings when I remove the foundation, I look like if I had a sunburn (not kidding) Ladies (mainly) with the same skin problem!!! What do you do to stay attractive? Thank you all.

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Hello Miluccio!

I'm sorry you're having so many problems dealing with your rosacea. :-(

My dermatologist prescribed Lymecycline for me, and it's worked a treat! I don't know if it would be suitable for you, as I don't know your full circumstances, but it certainly works for me.

Also, I have camouflage make-up to cover my sarcoidosis scarring, which was originally supplied to me by the Red Cross Skin Camouflage Service, who I was put in contact with via the hospital. I believe this service has since been taken over by a new provider, Changing Faces, but again, it's absolutely fabulous, and may be helpful to you for your rosacea.

Here are a couple of links you might find interesting:

Treatments for Rosacea -

Red Cross Skin Camouflage -

Changing Faces -

Good luck!


Miluccio in reply to nuttiella

Thank you lots! It's kind of you! I will read about it and probably ask my GP if it's good for me... Who knows) Want to try one more thing...A new brand is becoming very popular nowadays. Called Anna Lotan. I've read many articles about it and heard positive reports too. Will give it a go. Yes, it's the cosmetics but they're GMP certified. My beautician advidised me. I will see.

nuttiella in reply to Miluccio

I've not heard of Anna Lotan, but I shall check it out.

Thank you for the information!


I don't have rosacea, but I do have super sensitive skin and can relate to the sunburn feeling/look as soon as I touch my face/neck area. I have been using REN Evercalm products which have really helped (they do a cleanser, moisturiser and serum) and also using Clarins 50 SFP (the one for children with no silicone in it) on my face, neck and shoulder areas. Hope that helps.

I suffered from Rosacea for many years - it reached such a point I would make excuses - avoiding social engagements. But the turning point for me was a sudden change in diet - I switched to a vegetarian diet, hardly any alcohol and no tea / coffee. My condition improved dramatically over 6 months. Also, I began to manage stress more effectively - accepting some battles weren't worth the fight. The combined force of a healthy diet and stress management was a turning point.

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