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Hyperpigmentation to skin


I've had a worsening of the hyperpigmentation to my groin and cleavage area within the last year, I've seen Dermatology twice in the last two years (they're terribly slow) and had a biopsy last month, apparently when I phoned for the results they said they're discharging me!

I'm none the wiser as to what this condition is!I don't know if it's connected but I've been really unwell for the last eight months too, extremely fatigued, short of breath amongst other things?? Has anyone else experienced this please?

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Noted you have other posts with Raynauds disease and Scleradoma.

There is information on the hyperpigmentation on nhs.uk

under the heading of Acanthosis nigricans.

Another information base on the other problems you mentioned may be found on a USA website SCLERO.ORG

You can get hyperpigmentation due to hormone changes during and after pregnancy. You can check images online for acanthosis nigricans to see if they match. Other linked conditions are Cushings Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary syndrome or an Underactive Thyroid.

Hope you find the info you need.

Thankyou for replying, I'll look into those, I'm still awaiting my private blood test results from Friday which includes thyroid check. I'm 40 years old and have had no children nor am I pregnant so that kinda rules that cause out, just wondered if any of my symptoms matched up????

Thyroid is difficult sometimes to diagnose, but if it is found it is often linked to polycystic ovaries. I know this from my daughter. She went hyperthyroid but then changed to hypothyroid. She also experienced kidney stones, which are often linked to other gynaecology problems or to interstitial cystitis. Having an ultrascan of your abdomen and your thyroid might help. I have had this on thyroid with a goitre, and it is non invasive, and helped. You must feel really low without diagnosis. Hope you can get results interpreted by TU. They are very helpful.

Thankyou for your supportive message, yes I'm very low currently, eight months poorly now, I've had to give up my house and move in with my parents, and obviously I can't work so no income (I'm on zero hours you see) and the most frustrating thing is that I'm a nurse myself. I have had an uss of my gynae region and that was ok thankfully, but I have been wondering like you say about an uss of kidneys, I pressured a gp to request a scan of my neck, she wasn't going to do it and kept refusing, she requested a ct bizarrely, anyway, the radiographer phoned me and said they've emailed the surgery to request an uss instead..I've sought a private ENT dr about the tinnitus, he wants a hearing test and then a head scan... As soon as I get my private blood results tomorrow I shall be messaging my gp again, I'm trying to take my own advice that I would give to my patients and not to give up...as I told a Cardiologist who tried to tell me to stop looking for answers, that " I believe in cause and effect, therefore I will continue to look".

Well done. Good that you are a nurse so know what tests to ask for. Full thyroid tests may not be done for screening. NHS don't have to record private consultations or tests in the notes, which leads to gaps. Notes are shelved, so getting back for private tests, has to go back through the system!

I've used a pharmacy locally that take bloods, trying to ensure my tests will be accepted by nhs as much as I can. I'll get copies of my results. I requested all my results from my gp in May, they've only just phoned me on Friday to say they're processing it... the ENT consultant has an nhs caseload and is happy to follow up this way too. I'll do anything I can to get well if my family can afford and want to help in this way if necessary...

That's good news. The stress of being to ill to keep your job and move back home must have been wearing. Lucky to have parental support. Not long now for those results, which could make all the difference.

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