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Unknown skin condition on cheek

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A patch of skin on my left cheek is slightly red, bumpy and feels like a bruise when I press it, it randomly throbs and used to give me a very sharp pain when kissing someone on the cheek. I've had it for over 10 years and no dermatologist has been able to figure out what it is. Doctors have mentioned the possibility of mild Rosacea / blocked pores / or sinus issues but no treatment has worked yet.

I wonder if it's related to wisdom teeth being taken out / diet or an infection...

Does anyone know what it might be? or suggestions on what to try? It generally hasn't changed size or shape at all but it does get more / less painful and more / less redness at times.

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Does it itch? It looks like eczema

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Thanks so much for your reply Itchybon. No it doesn't itch at all. It's been there for over 8 years and looks the same as it did in the beginning. It feels like a bruise when I press it and sometimes aches.

It looks like your skin is reacting to something. Do you have mold or a water damage at home?

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Hi saassii thanks for your reply :) since having this skin condition I've lived in 4 different locations so unlikely it's mold / water damage but interesting you think it's a reaction to something.

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I saw a reaction that looked like this. Medicine said unknown etiology. Dr didn't know what from. I thought microbes land on skin, body encases to stop penetration. I suggested organic essential tea tree oil mixed into coconut oil. It was applied repeatedly throughout the day. It got smaller and had almost disappeared. Treatment was stopped. It immediately started to grow back. Treatment started and kept going until full resolution. Long term healing now. It never returned. You could try that? It sure wouldn't hurt.

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Very interesting, thanks for your suggestion Saassii. I'll give that a go and if it doesn't work at least I'll smell nice :)

My son had a spot on his cheek. Looked like ringworm, but did not itch or get any bigger. One day the school nurse made me go get him because she said it was ringworm. I said it wasn't, but she informed me she was the nurse. So, took him to doctor, then sent on to dermatologist. He said it was Erythema Multiforma. Not sure I am spelling correctly now, but he said it was an allergy. Watch what he ate and figure it out from that. So, after all this, we found he is allergic to pork. If he eats it here and there, he's okay. If he has it often, or more than usual, he breaks out again. Check it out.

Oh wow I'm so glad you managed to figure out what your son was allergic to without going down the ringworm route. Thanks so much for your reply. I have just started to cut down on gluten and sugar to see if that makes a difference, so will definitely start the long process of testing different foods. Fingers crossed!

Keep a food journal...everything you eat or drink daily. If you break out more or if it disappears slightly....weed out what's changed in your eats n drinks. Good luck.

I just read up about a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia which sounds very similar to the pain I experience on my cheek - although I'm not sure if it's usual for anything to be visible on the skin. I'd be interested to find out if anyone else has experienced this condition.

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