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Small red spots (?) on skin?

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Hi everyone,

I've noticed that over the past month or so I have had small red blood spots appearing on my right leg. They started behind my knee and I have now noticed another cluster on my thigh which is slowly spreading upwards. As far as I am aware, I haven't knocked or hurt these areas.

They are not painful or itchy, they haven't produced any feelings of discomfort at all in the areas that they are situated. They don't disappear or blanche when pressed. As far as I'm aware, it's only on my right leg.

I've attached a picture of the part behind my knee, but I'll try and take some more of the ones on my thigh plus the odd few starting to travel up.

Are these anything to be worried about? I don't want to waste a pharmacists or GPs time if they are common/nothing to worry about! I just didn't want to start googling symptoms hahaha

Many thanks!

~ N

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Here is the picture of my thigh;

and here is the picture of the odd couple starting to go upwards onto my waist/side;

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I suggest you speak to your doctor, and pharmacist if you have a long wait for a doctor's appointment. At least then you will have some idea what you may be dealing with, and hopefully some possible solutions bbefore it spreads too far.


I used to get something similar on my arms years ago and they were there for years and years. I was given vit d3 for a deficiency and I then noticed the spots went away when my levels improved. They have not returned. Have you had your vit d3 checked?

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Nekoni in reply to Starfish123


Thanks for your response! I haven’t had my levels checked, but I do take supplements everyday for vitamins including D3!

It’s currently a 2 week waiting time for a doctors appointment, but I’m gonna go to the drs and see what they suggest! I’m hoping it is something as simple and easily fixable as a vitamin deficiency!

I have the same spots, and i still dont no what it is. Checket with different doctors without results! Let ist now when you know what it is!!

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Nekoni in reply to Pokimoki

I will keep you updated! It’s currently a 2 week wait time for an appt at my drs, so have to wait until then :(

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Pokimoki in reply to Nekoni

Ok! Thank you!!

Not sure if it effects adults but there is a virus going around the nursery I work at which causes a ‘pin prick’ rash which spreads over the body. They also don’t seam to have any other symptoms. May be worth checking with a pharmacist. Don’t worry about wasting their time, it’s what they are there for 😊. Hope it clears up soon.

Hi, did you find out what these are?

Ever find out what this was?

Did you figure it out?

hey how do you feel now?

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