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Losing collagen in my skin and it's driving me crazy

I'm only 21 years old and in the last week or two i've been losing ALOT of collagen in my skin and i don't know why. I have a low gut immunity and i suspect a congested liver too and probably other things and this is driving me into deep depression. My skin is starting to sag like i've aged 30 years in the last week. My whole body is getting way more toxix right now too even though i've been eating really healthy lately and this is the longest i've been without alcohol too (3 months). I'm at my wits end and ready to just give in at this point. I can't do this anymore i honestly can't. On top of that my whole body has gotten paler too and my face is discolored with red patches and slight yellow parts too.

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Awwww man healthiskey... I'm sorry that I don't know what is causing your symptoms, but they sound to me like you need to get to you GP as soon as you can. Please call today


Hi healthiskey. It might not be that you are losing collagen. It might be inflammation from your possible autoimmune disease. When I've had inflammation, my skin sags a little too, due to the weight of extra fluid accumulation. Can you post a photo? Also of the red patches you've previously mentioned, as well as the slightly yellow parts.

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I'm way too insecure about it to take a picture. All my health issues seem to show up on my face more then anywhere else. I could actually deal with these issues without much trouble if it didn't show up on my face so badly and make me look like i've been using meth for my whole life. It totally ruins my self esteem.

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Hi. I understand. I didn't mean of your entire face. I meant just the parts where you have these things occurring. Like half of face, jaw line, or where the colored marks are. If you could, that would be very helpful in people trying to help you.



Dear healthiskey - did you say in one of your posts you had lupus? If you have a gut problem and your skin is saggy with no tone it sounds as if you have lost weight suddenly.

You mention you have not had alcohol for three months - but during your break from this toxin what have you been eating ?- What life experience have you had which may have affected your health ? The discolouration in skin with pale skin in parts and patches of yellow skin could be due to bruising or liver problems.

You need urgent help to find out how long it has taken for your body to start failing and what has caused this sudden decline. The paler colour skin may be due to vitiligo which is associated with B12 and folate deficiency. Alcohol and other substances in your diet might be affecting you. You might have an allergy or multi allergies to foods and to environment toxins in domestic products cleaning fluids, pollution, fluoride, chlorine in water.

In any event you should ask for a range of tests to find out if you are deficient in vitamins and minerals. Other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid, arthritis, type 1 diabetes might

show up in tests. Foods which help collagen production such as pineapple red meats and other fruits and vegetables might help but if you have no appetite, you might find smoothies

and soups might be better and easier to absorb. If you have aches and pain and fatigue

these can be attributed to rheumatic disease, heart disease circulation - I am sure you will find the right professional help in your area. In the UK we have pharmacies and minor injury units which give health and allergy tests so you can find a quick referral to services. . Rest is your best way back to health along with a healthy diet and the help of those nearest you.


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