Skin biopsy..scared

I have a spot on my nose thats been there for 5 years it looks like a blood blister ( i really think its basal cell carcinoma ) i go next week for scared of the diagnosis and of what kind of scar it may leave..has anyone else had a blood blister like spot that turned out not to b cancer? Has anyone had a biopsy that didnt leave a nasty scar? How long will it take to heal? Its freaking me out majorly which isnt hard to do i have anxiety disorder..the spot is on my face so its makon me self concious

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  • Hang on in there. They do not always have to cut it out. There are quite a few alternative treatments available. I had PDT.. which is just using a light sensitive cream and then shining a special light on it. Try phoning Macmillans and they will tell you some of the other ways but be reassured, they do take the issue of scaring into account before any treatment.

  • Thank you i will ask about that proceedure ( im in the US) im pretty sure they said they were going to numb it up and take it off but never said how thank did your diagnosis end up?

  • Hi,

    I have just had basal cell removed from the inner corner of my eye and down on to the side of my nose, I am 35. The biopsy is a very simple procedure and will be

    over quickly, try and stay calm and arm yourself with knowledge about basal cell, treatment options and questions to ask if the biopsy comes back positive. DO NOT look at photos (as in before and after) removal/skin graft operations, it won't be helpful. I am a month down the line and I look very different now! Feel free to add me on Facebook (Sarah klinker) and also a group on Facebook (basal cell carcinoma my disappearing nose woes). Fingers crossed for the best x

  • Hi gyspyrayne11,

    There are different types of biopsy.

    See 'Biopsy - NHS Choices'. You'll need to ask your doctor about what kind of biopsy you'll be having.

    I've had incisional and excisional biopsies taken from the face, abdomen and leg. The biopsy taken from my face left a small scar, but it's hardly noticeable. As CornishBrian says, they do take the issue of scarring into account. Doctors don't tend to remove more tissue from the face than is absolutely necessary.

    I had a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) removed from my abdomen, but it didn't look like a blood blister. Mine looked like a mole that started to become crusty and bleed. Fortunately, BCC isn't malignant and lots of people have them.

    See DermNet NZ: Basal cell carcinoma.

    DermIS: Images of basal cell carcinoma (not before and after photos).

    I did have to have sutures/stitches after my biopsies (not necessary with a punch biopsy), but my facial sutures were removed after a week. The redness of the scar started to fade within a couple of months, and was easily covered up with makeup.

    I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry.


  • I have not had cancer, nor am I a Dr, but I have come across many things about skin cancer in reading and watching videos on health issues. There is something called black salve, which seems to be amazing. Medical Doctors do not appear to be keen on these, but naturopaths are! If it is cancer, the black salve will affect only the cancerous tissue and leave the healthy tissue. Please do plenty of research first and talk to someone in the medical field who believes in alternative therapies. MD's only appear to be interested if it a drug treatment, surgery, chemo or radiotherapy. There are an enormous number of alternatives out there, but they are suppressed. Many of these are old herbal remedies and have been used for centuries. It needs to be a good quality black salve, check out on youtube. Good luck.

  • Thank u everyone.i did look@ befor and after photos it freaks me out :'(

  • Don't worry too much. I had a basel cell on my nose and had a newish type of treatment which was a chemotheraphy cream. You have to put it on the cancer for 6 weeks and it basically burns it off. While having treatment you do have a crusty nose but then when healed i had no scarring at all. Good luck. Xx

  • Crazy chick did u hav to hav a biopsy ? Or did u just have to use the cream?

  • I had one removed in January, with just 1 stitch and now a slight indentation which can be covered with concealer. Hope yours is the same.

  • I hope so too

  • A biopsy is a very small 10 minute procedure so don't worry

    Any further treatment decisions are then biopsy based - BCCs are very very common and we are very good at treating them in variety of ways

  • I thank u for ur comments everyone im scared anyways lol i hope it isnt cancer

  • Hi the dermatologist looked at my bc & said to cut it out would be difficult as on the bridge of the nose & would leave alot of scarring. I didn't have a biospy just the chemo cream & it left no mark.

    I had a biopsy on my back & that was painless as that was anestasised first for another bc. Hope you are okay.

  • So it may b possible to tell if its cancer or not without any cutting? Wow

  • Well my biopsy got rescheduled to june 10th :\

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