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Please help, unknown skin issue making our lives hell


Hi guys,

Posting for my wife as she's had this skin issue since 3 months after our first child was born (3 and a half years ago now), and it's gotten so out of hand that she is either upset/crying, rageful or talking about suicidal thoughts.

It often flairs in the evening and she says it's uncontrollably itchy. Everyday she scratches until there is blood, and is then upset about the pain.

We've been to the doctors so many times and nothing is working, they sort of shrug it off saying they don't know what it is, could be a reaction to something but no idea what. She's tried creams, steroids, soaps, allergy tablets and antibiotics (antibiotics worked at first!).

Has anyone seen this before? I'm desperate this is ruining our lives and we are out of options. Please help.


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Poor thing has she seen skin specialist ,if not she needs to see one as soon as ,what part of Wales are you I'm asking because there is a good skin clinic in glan clwyd hospital

WelshWatson in reply to Alice70

She saw a dermatologis but no luck just some creams that didn't work, and we are in South Wales so a bit far unfortunately. I would give anything to figure out and fix whatever this is for her.

Get a culture taken, see what's on the skin?

She could be eating something every day that's triggering it? Has she done a food diary and elimination diet? Alternatively something in her environment that's triggering. Interesting that antibiotics had some sort of effect. That sounds bacterial. Are there any large sources of bacteria, or mold around? That stuff makes mast cells go crazy. Mast cells are what degranulate and therefore rashes, itching and a bunch of other reactions happen. The body is trying to remove something off it. Scratch scratch, gone. Breathe in, sneeze. Eyes affected, watery eyes washes out. It's a defense system. What's it defending? Provocation from within environment, including chemical exposures. I've left some catch words for you to Google. Does she have any other health difficulties no matter how remotely apart from this they may seem? Does she take birth control? Leaking windows, mold in the frames, sills, tracks etc? Leaking sink even if somewhat repaired, any materials left? Old carpets?

I feel for you and your wife, skin conditions are hellish. Given that it started soon after birth it may be linked to hormonal changes. I would follow Sassi's advice and get it swabbed, as the redness and extreme itching are indications of infection. I had infected eczema and my skin looked not unlike your wife's. I was on 400g fluocxillin 4 x a day for a week, and potent corticosteroid which cleared it, but had to be referred to dermatologist once it returned. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist who will do more than push steroids.

OMG that looks absolutely awful! So sorry for her suffering.. Has she had a biopsy to get a firm diagnosis? You might need to travel to a bigger city for a specialist. There is a facebook group for urticaria (rashes,hives) that might be helpful too.

Has she been referred to a dermatologist and/or had blood tests done. It's obvious that the GPs are out of their depth as they are not specialist's and rarely come across some of the less common problems and the blood tests for diagnosing them.

A good dermatologist can and should do a swab and a biopsy and would order the blood tests to check for other conditions that may cause problems not only with the skin.

My skin went crazy and it didn't matter what the GPs prescribed from antifungal to steroids to antihistamines it just didn't work so I was referred to dermatology.

Dermatologist repeated the whole process again for a year and when they saw for themselves nothing worked did a punch biopsy.

Long story short I have been diagnosed with Urticarial Vasculitis and Jessners Lymphocytic infiltration. Plus when that was diagnosed I also had all sorts of blood tests done to check for other problems that could be systemic.

Please push for a referral and tests and get it sorted as it's obviously causing pain and distress.

Hope your wife and you get the answers and correct treatment soon.


It looks like topical steroid withdrawal, google it and link in with the charity ITSAN for more information and support. I’m 3 years into it and it’s suicidal hell, it gets better with time (if that’s what it is) x

Here is a suggestion.I really don't know if it will help but I accidentally found that the amino acid l phenylalanine suppresses the immune system if the condition is autoimmune it could help

Another thing to consider is is your wife on contraception as estrogen.can cause autoimmune issues

ITCHY scratching , does she get water blisters? look up Bullae Phemigoid, my brotherinlaw has similar althought your wife is young, sometimes cause thru meds or other conditions let us know, it may not be that but the itch she has sounds similar.


I’m thinking some kind of autoimmune skin disease and these can be rare so GP must pull their finger out and refer to a specialist in autoimmune skin diseases such as some types of vasculitis. I had severely infected eczema that looked like this during my first pregnancy and was hospitalised. I do have two autoimmune diseases now but no eczema anymore.

Whatever this is it’s just not good enough to leave her in such terrible state of pain - I’m shocked by her GP and the dermatologist’s uselessness. Biopsies are needed urgently!

I honestly have no idea. It looks like psoriasis and so many other things. Possible Varicose Eczema but really think the doctors should know. If possible, get some Zinc Oxide, and slather good, wrap in gauze bandages. Will be messy, but will possibly help with the itch, which can drive us insane, been there! and also helps clear up. If you can't find it as I named, look at diaper rash ointments that contain it. I will pray you get this cleared up. I know the pain and stress it causes.

Does this also involve fingernails and feet? Both of mine get really red, dry and the skin is very thick and peeling. I'm thinking mine was induced by a new blood pressure med. I once had a skin disorder , Lichen Sclerosis that was caused by Major stress

Hi, I had something similar when I was nine and I used ichthyol cream abc it went away in two weeks. But I’m not a doctor do idk. Just a suggestion.

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