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New diet sensitivity coming out as skin problems?

Recently I've developed what the doctors have classes as rosacea and put me on an antibiotic skin cream. I was wondering if the itchy face skin, coulpled with redness and sometimes small pimples could be a reaction to the gluten or dairy. What do people think?

I don't have a gluten / dairy intolerance but I have noticed over the years that I've developed a sensitivity to both therefore I limit the amount I have. My diet as of about 3 years ago is low gluten, low dairy and low red meat. I usually get an upset stomach if I have too much gluten / dairy plus bloating, gassy and burpy.

The docs says it's nothing to do with allergies.

By the way I have endometriosis, not on any medication, am 34, I get hayfever (limited to march and april) dietary changes are helping my endo symptoms.

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Do you have any visible signs of water ingress in your home? Peeling paint? Visible mold? That causes strange allergy like symptoms that aren't regular allergies. Gives skin issues too, especially red flushing face.


It's not a home thing i.e. environment, I think you've already answered my query on another post; we've worked out it's not any of those, but thanks for the info.

I'm looking at ideas for dietary problems.


I had something very similar to you, have you tried the FODMAP diet, it did it for me, got rid of my blushing. I know when I've eaten something that doesn't agree with me , I get little white heads and my stomach is upset.


good idea

thanks x


The only way to know for sure if dairy and gluten are the culprits is the complete elimination of both. If you start seeing improvement, then you will know one or both are triggers. Then you can add back dairy first, to see if the symptoms return. If not, then stop dairy and add back gluten and see what happens.

I have Celiac's, so gluten is always a trigger for the Dermatitis Herpetiformis (gluten rash) that I get all over my body, face included, if exposed. But, I am also dairy intolerant and get the same symptoms on my face that you are describing when I inadvertently have any type of dairy. (I can only tolerate small amounts of ghee, occasionally, without experiencing the small bumps and rosacea like symptoms you describe.)

I read quite a lot of research, and across the board dairy seems to be a common sensitivity/ trigger (though certainly not the only one) for a wide range of skin issues including acne, rosacea or acne rosacea, and eczema to name a few.

Also, I know quite a few people who are affected the same way when they eat eggs or from food dye sensitivities. (My face also reacts like this when I eat food that has Red Lake food dye in it.) Foods high in histamines can also affect the skin this way if you are sensitized to them. It is all very individual and dependent on personal biochemistry.

Additionally frustrating, is the fact that you can continue to develop sensitivities to other foods that you used to have no issues with (courtesy of leaky gut).

Truth be told, it is quite often very difficult to pin down just exactly what is causing the problem. The possibilities are endless:/

I hope something I have said can help you pinpoint what is causing the issue without having to remove too much from your diet long term. Just remember that if there is a true sensitivity, strict avoidance is the only solution to preventing the return of symptoms.

I also agree with Chucksmum that a low FODMAP diet could also be helpful. Especially in helping with endometriosis symptoms.

All the best.😊


Brilliant, thanks for all the info.

I suspect it could be something completely unrelated to the wheat and dairy. As I've been through eliminations with them and not had problems; that's how I worked out what to re introduce. I shall look at doing this again as there's only a few dairy / wheat things I eat now anyway so that should be an easy start!

this seems to be completely new; I've not changed anything and it's cleared up again. It kind of goes in cycles where it comes out really horrible itchy raised rashy just on my face, then slightly spotty, then it goes dry and disappears. So it's like something going through my system on 3 weekly intervals.

I do have a sensitivity to food colouring so I shall look into that again, as something I'm getting may have changed - similar to you. Artificial blues used to give me this reaction, perhaps something similar is happing now.


You're welcome:)

In that case, maybe looking into the low FODMAP diet and possibly avoiding or limiting high histamine foods (because of the itchy, raised rash you describe), and certain dyes may put you on the road to recovery. I certainly hope so.

Let us know how it goes.😊

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