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Daughters flaky skin on face

Hi all! At christmas me and my family went to center parcs and were cycling with our bikes and she seemed to get wind burn or something around her mouth since it was cold as we went so fast. This has never improved and it seems to be spreading. Doctors have seen it twice. First they said put something oil based on like sudocrem or vaseline. Vaseline seemed to calm it down but made her skin stop producing natural oils (i personally think) so when we missed a day of putting it on (after 2 months of it being put on 3 times a day) her skin was worse than ever. Back to the doctors and they said put fuscidic acid on it and possibly e45 with it so not so strong it burns her when we put it on and did nothing. We're away on holiday now in the sun, thought it might help and put nothing on but its no better. No idea what to do to help.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Tell your GP you want a referral to a dermatologist unless they have already done so.

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Ahh okay will do. Thank you xx


If your daughter is OK with lanolin I recommend Lancomes Nutrix which is the best cream in the world for dry , irritated skin yes it is expensive but it worth it you need to arrest it now

apply it morning and night

Also I recommend you give your daughter a desert spoon of flaxseed oil every day and 2 x fish oil capsules for omega 3

Sainsbury do a lovely organic flaxseed oil kept near the olive oils and its under £5

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Thank you! I will definitely try them! Really appreciate your suggestions.


I got this a lot as I cycle roughly 200km a week, tried so many product's and nothing seemed to worked, tried all the recommended as I've very sensitive skin but finally came across Hydro gel from Lidl - it may not work for your daughter but no harm in giving it a go and it's expensive either, good luck.


I have experience with something similar. Mine is a form of Angular cheilitis. Often caused by vitamin deficiency mine turned out to be related to my severe anemia and low potassium.

Hope this helps. Other common deficiencies are niacin, riboflavin and calcium


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