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Open back and face sores

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Hello, I am posting this for a condition my wife has. She is 48 years old and about 5 years ago she started getting these spots on her face, After several visits to skin doctor and multiple tests we are still back to square one. About 6 months ago this sore broke out on her back and has not gotten better. Again we went to regular doctor who ran all types of blood work etc. They have subscribed cortizone creams, antibiotics and others. She gets some relief by taking a couple of hot showers each day and pouring witch hazel on it along with some type of anti bacterial creams. We are going to an autoimmune doctor this week as all the others have not come up with anything. Hoping maybe someone has some suggestions.

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I am so sorry you are going through this I have a skin problem I don't even understand

Oh My Goodness - This look really, really hard. I am so sorry that she is going through this. I would agree that autoimmune might be the best direction to look. I wish I had some sort of logical answer, but I am no help in this case.. Please let us know what the docs say. Really gentle hugs

I do hope that the autoimmune specialist can shed some light and healing on this skin condition xx

Regardless of the many possible contributing factors (i.e., autoimmunity, fungal/ bacterial, thyroid/ adrenal, hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, food/ chemical sensitivities, leaky gut, environmental allergies/ name a few) there are some supplements and life style changes that can improve overall health that you can implement. I will list them at the end.

A healthy liver, healthy gut, replete nutrient levels and hormone (thyroid, adrenal, sex) balance are key. Dhea, testosterone, estrogens, and progesterone play an important part in skin health. I know from personal experience that all it takes is a couple of hormones out of balance to prevent open skin sores from ever healing completely, even WITH a healthy nutrient profile. Unhealthy gut flora and deficiencies in thyroid hormone, zinc, ferritin (iron), B12, B vitamins, vitamin C, D3, Omega 3 fatty acids (and healthy fats in general) can also cause the same issues. Just like a cake, healthy skin requires all of the ingredients in the right amounts or it just won't turn out.

Systemic candida/fungal over growth can also cause skin lesions and other symptoms as well.

Unfortunately, problems arise when doctors won't listen and then refuse to order the tests that could actually help to ferret out the problem(s). I hope your experience is different. But, you may have to order them yourself from the sources listed on this forum and pay out of pocket. In essence you have to become your own doctor. Doing your own research and trial and error may possibly be what puts your wife on the road to recovery.

As for the tests to order, you can generally save some money in the long run by ordering comprehensive panels that cover several things. For example, a comprehensive weight loss panel (regardless of issue with weight or not) will cover what needs testing (because it tests blood, all hormones, inflammation markers, liver, kidney, insulin, sex and thyroid hormones, cortisol, vitamin D, ferritin...but, doesn't usually include B12 or folate, so you could add those on.) This is the way it is in the US, so I'm sure Blue Horizon et al., would have something comparable.

Because your wife has so much inflammation, it is usually much better to remove more than you add. So take that into consideration when deciding on supplements. For instance, you may want to only start with the probiotic, zinc (crucial for wound healing), and the B-complex, while focusing on removing the top three food allergens (gluten, dairy, eggs), reducing sugar, and adding in more whole foods, healthy fats, especially organic coconut oil (antifungal, medium chain fatty acids, use as moisturizer to soothe her skin lesions, cook with it, eat several teaspoons a day from the jar).

*Note: If allergic to coconut focus on the other healthy fats for eating. For skin, olive, apricot kernel, and almond oils are very good.


*Zinc (picolinate, gluconate, or chealated) 50 mg daily

*B Complex (methylated form) per directions

*Multi-strain probiotic (spore/plant based in case of dairy sensitivity) per directions

*Vitamin C (w/ rosehips & flavonoids) 500-1000 mg daily

*Vitamin E (natural d-alpha mixed tocopherols) 400 IUs daily

*Vitamin D3 & K2 spray/ pill per directions

*Selenomethionine/ 200 mcg daily

*Vitamin A/ 5,000 IUs daily

*Milk thistle/ 1000 mg daily ( liver health)

*(Anti) Candida/Yeast supplement per directions

Other Considerations:

*Elimination diet removing gluten, dairy, eggs to see if improvement is noticed

*More whole foods, clean protein, veggies, fruits in moderation

*Drinking/ cooking/ bathing (if possible) with filtered water

*Fewer baths (hard water is very irritating to the skin)/ showers preferable because not sitting in the water*** I agree with your wife... hot showers are very soothing😊

*Healthy fats: Butter, ghee, lard, coconut oil, Olive oil, sesame oil, flax oil, Omega-3s

*Reducing sugar, sodas ( completely eliminating diet sodas)

*More natural skincare and cleaning products sans fragrance/ alcohol

*Fractionated coconut oil as skin moisturizer if skin is on oily side/ regular coconut oil if skin is drier

*Aloe vera gel for skin (mix with coconut oil to make a healing, soothing gel-cream moisturizer)

*Try to avoid flouride (that stuff is poison) use non-flouride toothpaste

*Room air purifiers

Skin issues can be brutal, painful, humiliating at times, and truly dehumanizing. Skin is the last thing to show problems and the last thing to show improvement. It has to be healed from the inside out and it is a slow go.

I hope something I have said is helpful to you both.

Tell your wife to hang in there because her answers are waiting to be found. Stand your ground with doctors. When that fails, go around them. Order your own tests, do your research, and follow your gut😉

All the best to you both 😊

*Please give us updates*

That looks painful. I have eczema on my hands at the moment, and get the compulsion to put them under very hot water due to the itching. In the long run, it does them no good, and I tend to get cracks in the skin afterward. Hot showers might be keeping the skin problems going. Witch hazel is quite harsh and probably is not helping. It's worth starting to exclude some foods to see if that helps (I think a previous poster mentions this). I found anti-histamines quite good at deadening things down with skin - old style Piriton worked best, but not to be touched if driving. I hope it gets sorted very soon and the autoimmune doctor can help x

once when I had to go to the ER , after the Doctor left the nurse gave me some advice that I'm going to share with y'all. He told me that Drs will never tell patients this ,he showed me a blue bottle of HIBICLENS, it's ANTISEPTIC SKIN CLEANSER. They use it in Hospitals to clean wounds .

I get something that resembles a heat rash with moisture that smells like yeast. I wash the area several times and it goes away, the areas that I get this is in my groin and under my breast. It really helps to get rid of this painful rash so much that I alway's keep on hand.

You can buy it at drug stores like walgreens , walmart,target, any store that has a drug department.

HIBICLENS is very gentle and may help that raw looking place on your wife's back. If you try it let me know if it helped her,I hope the best for both of you

Good Luck from Texas !

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