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seborrehic dermatitis, constant itching

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I suffer from continuous (24/7) itching from seborrehic dermatitis on my scalp and torso. I'm at my wit's end. My dermo prescribed strong steroids which didn't agree with me and don't cure it anyway. Are there blood tests that can diagnose what's causing this problem. I have MS and RLS and that could be the cause. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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Try getting a spray bottle, filling it with apple cider vinegar and spraying all the affected parts. Or dab it on with cotton pads.

Doesn't totally get rid of the itching but it helps and it has kept my facial redness down for 3 months now. It can't hurt to give it a try, I found the idea on the internet recommended by other Seb Derm sufferers.

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Thank you. I will give it a try. At least it's not another steroid.

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I really feel for you and know how this can impact on one's life and even cause depression. The apple cider vinegar can relieve itchiness but the organic variety is best. As for clearing the dermatitis I have also 'run the gambit' of many different doctors and treatments to no avail for what I finally realise is psoriasis but using only natural products to care for your skin is best. Goats milk soap for cleansing - it takes longer to lather but worth the result. Alternatively Aqueous cream. Bathe in clear warm (not hot) water. Discard used water then run just enough warm water in your bath to cover your body and add a tspn of either coconut oil or castor oil and swish it around. Soak for a bit then use a plastic jug to scoop up water to reach all parts, and pat dry with clean towel (no rubbing). Follow with a natural, unperfumed moisturiser to keep skin supple and conditioned. I use Aveeno. Too much bathing dries out skin. Try skipping a day between baths and only wash necessary parts.

For HAIR, I pretreat with a Honey Mask: 5⭐

To make a honey hair mask to treat an itchy and dry scalp, do the following:

Wash your hair and leave it damp. Dilute raw honey with some warm water (about 90% honey to 10% water). Massage the honey into your scalp for 2 – 3 minutes. Cover with plastic or cling wrap and a warm towe and leave for 2 hours. Shampoo with sensitive products only. I now use Honey Skin hair and scalp therapy (shampoo and conditioner) and it works for me.

Repeat the honey mask treatment once a week and you should find that your symptoms of an itchy and dry scalp will be completely gone within a couple of weeks. Excellent results!

I do hope this helps :)

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Thank you! Such wonderful ideas. I always bathe with hot water, it just feels so good. I'm going to stop it though.I'll have to get some raw honey but I'm afraid it will really cause itching. Will try it though. I do appreciate your excellent suggestions.

I also have MS and itch all over but mainly on my head and face, I noticed over time that it was fruit then vegetables, then nut's, herbs and spices. I also have to use Betnavate scalp treatment for this problem, I have told umpteen specialists and doctors but no one is bothered in the slightest. Hope this helps because being confined to a wheelchair eating only bread,meat and cheese is doing nothing for my weight.

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I know what you mean when you say doctors are not interested. I saw a dermatologist who only threw strong steroids at me and couldn't wait to get away. My skin is so thin now it can't take any more steroids. Does the Betnovate help you? how often do you have to use it? Thanks for your response.

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I only use Betnavate when the itching gets bad, other times I use Nizoral shampoo. The fruit etc affect not only my skin but greatly reduce my energy level/increase fatigue with the MS. Hope this helps.

Find a new dermatologist who is willing to really help you. Meanwhile, try mild, fragrance-free soaps, lotions, and shampoos.Also, try coal tar products, they can slow bacterial growth as well as soften and loosen dead skin. They are good for symptoms such as flaking, itching, and dryness.

Thank you. I appreciate your advice. I have some coal tar products but thought that Head and Shoulders type products were better. I'll try some coal tar tonight.

The Dermatologist who wants to help may be harder to find. lol.

You could try Cocoa Scalp that is supposed to help clean your scalp. Do not use any products that have chemicals in them such as Head and Shoulders and also any shampoos. You need to keep up with the Cocoa Scalp now and again. It did help me to a certain extent but not completely. These doctors are inclined to throw steroids at people as it is a quick solution for them. I do feel embarrassed wen going to a hairdresser about the condition of my scalp.


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Oh Tassa, I know what you mean about going to a hairdresser. I haven't gone since August because of my scalp condition. I'm not familiar with Cocoa Scalp. I'll have to look it up. If you don't use shampoo how do you wash your hair? Do you know of a special shampoo? Thank you so much for your response.

Sorry I spelt it wrong it is Coco Scalp a coal tar solution in a tube. It is distributed in Australia and available in pharmacy shops here in New Zealand. where are you? You just massage it into your hair, leave it in for a hour, wash it out and then shampoo your hair. I use a shampoo called Derma Lab Hydrating 02, it is for dry and sensitive skin and contains no chemicals. It has N.Z. Manuka honey and collodial oatmeal in it. It does not completely solve the dry scalp problem but does help and leaves your scalp feeling much cleaner. You need to avoid any hair products that have chemicals and detergents in them.


I'm in the US. I just tried to buy it from an outfit in NZ but it came out to $30.23. It's difficult to buy something from overseas. Same with the shampoo. I'll keep looking for them because they sound like they'd really help my pitiful scalp. I also have skin problems, places on my back that are inflamed and itch like crazy. All the time. Thank you so much for your help. I love this site, everyone is so helpful.

UV light usually gets rid of most of it.

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Is that usually covered by insurance??

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling so much. I had S. D. too on my face and scalp. It was severe and caused me grat distress and discomfort. I used hydrocortisone at the first sign of a flare up, by doing this is prevented it progressing into a major problem.

I also had psychotherapy, I realise it can be expensive, however I am now clear of the condition. I believe mind and body is one, therefore how we are emotionally is communicated through our body in one form or another. In some people it will appear as a digestive problem, migraine (I had that too, now rarely), back pain etc. Perhaps considering how you can care for your whole self will help. I’m thinking of positive friendships, yoga, walking outdoors, listening to music etc. I myself find having trusted friends to talk with, EFT, Mindulness and hypnosis tracks increase my feeling of wellbeing. You will find lots of info about them on the internet e.g utube. Glen Harold offers free hypnosis tracks on his website, I have used them over many years.

If I can help in any way please do contact me.

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Emily, thank you for your heartfelt response. I would never have thought that psychotherapy could help this S.D. You have some good advice. I will certainly look into your ideas. In my case I've been told the S.D. is from the multiple autoimmune issues I have. Still, I believe it could be helped by your suggestions. Thanks again!

Have you tried medicated honey wound gel on the scalp ?- it is specially formulated for eczma lesions and is used for skin cancer in hospitals and nursing homes. It helps heal the dry skin and eats necrotic scabs leaving the skin smooth. It may take several weeks but seems to work.

You don't have to wash it off every day and can apply it on areas and leave it. It is also antibacterial stopping infection. It is made from special high strength manuka honey which is much stronger. You can buy it online from and Holland & barratt and others. (Comvita) is the trade name for wound gel. Vitamin F is very helpful too for many skin conditions including dry skins and can be found in star flower oil and evening primrose gels or capsules Vitamin F helps hormones. Have seen a friend's child recover from bad eczema from using vitamin F capsules . She had it on prescription eventually. I have found antihisan cream helpful for itchiness. Dove shower cream is also very soothing and can help keloid scars which can be very painful and itchy. Hope you find the right product for you. Neutrogena skin cream hand or foot cream is also wonderful as an intense moisturiser and can aid healing.

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No, I've not tried medicated honey wound gel. I can't imagine leaving it on my head and trying to comb my hair and look presentable. (With my hair, not easy). I'm not familiar with vitamin F. I'm going to look it up. Sounds great if it can cure eczema. Also not familiar with antihisan cream. I've got a lot to look up. I've always liked Neutrogena, and use it frequently. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this out. I really appreciate it and am looking forward to finding out about these new (to me) products.

Yep the hair problem is difficult - a suggestion you could use the dove shower cream as a gentle shampoo massaging gently into the scalp which can help with the itchy skin - my dad had itchy skin from a keloid scar and it was the only thing that helped remove the pain and stinging.

The antibacterial honey could be used the same way - putting some in warm hot water in a

a cup, mixing with your shampoo - I use shampoo for new born babes from Boots or buy shampoo such as Johnsons but only a little. The honey comes in a tube so is not runny goo-

if you part your hair and feel the spot on your head, you can put a tiny dab on it of the honey. It won't show under your hair. Having your hair cut might be an option, so you can

find the lesions more easily. to dab the ointment honey on. Know |I sound a bit over the top about the honey - it's personal experience with keratosis and sun damage.

Have you been able to locate what these autoimmune diseases are? Thyroid problems can lead to skin conditions and flare ups. Vitiligo skin disorder and diabetes are closely linked with other autoimmune diseases. With certain thyroid problems it is recommended to

remove gluten from the diet - but having had an allergy test from Alphaga chemist chain all over the country I found that my intestinal problem was helped by removal of all allergens -

I was allergic to eggs bananas wheat rye barley rice maize Sweetcorn corn flour and cows milk. Removing all these allergens has really helped my health and it may also help your skin as the stomach and lining of the intestine are linked to the skin in the embryo before birth.

There are over two hundred auto immune diseases so thyroid tests, diabetes, arthritis, are some of the autoimmune investigations which may help you find out whether you need thyroid medication. Hope you don't fall asleep after reading this blurb.

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