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Skin itching after Bath

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After my bath in cold water its get itching in my body atleast for 20 minutes,

But in hot water its not much... what is the solution & problem i have...

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Hi rajagopal-e,

Cold urticaria can cause these symptoms, but with this condition a rash is present.

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Cold urticaria: DemNet NZ.

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rajagopal-e in reply to Shell567

Thanks Shell for ur kind information

which help me on understanding... but i use only warm water but itching what is the problem...

It seems that you get itching when the hair follicles are raised to contain warm air against the skin.

I find that I get itching if I wait too long in a hot bath (so that it cools down and I am losing heat to the water).

If I towel vigorously then the itching persists longer than if I tolerate the itching and towel 'down' the hairs in the direction of growth only and gently.

Doing 'busy work' such as padding around making a snack and a drink, rather than sitting around also distracts long enough for the itching to subside.

Even if you don't actually have visible hairs (due to shaving, depilation, or just naturally sparse/short hairs) you will still get the physiological reaction to cold with goose bumps and erection of the hair follicle/root.

I'm unsure, but you might get some relief from a moisturising lotion, or from taking shorter but warmer soaks... I have been known to spend up to 2 hours just floating in the bath, and accept a few minutes of complaint from my hair as a reasonable cost for the time doing absolutely nothing but floating.

If the rash keeps getting worst go doctors as i use to have the problem now i have a full blown water allergy, i hope you get this sorted :)

After a period of two year's. What has changed much. Mine seems to be not healing..

I have a similar problem. I know someone who was diagnosed with anaemia and was told the itchy reaction after a warm bath/shower was caused by that. I haven't figured out my trigger yet but getting some tests done soon.

Hope your itchiness has got better I have the same problem when in a shower a bath makes the problem much worse as the water does not stay clean I have been told not to use soap or gel so only use Epaderm Onitment as it soaks into the skin quicker you only use a small amount do not put it on the soles or heels of your feet as it makes it slippery i was told my condition is hives and psoriasis it helps drinking pints of water with slices of lemon or lime and reduced wheat and carbs ie cakes and bread

Sounds like your skin is dry. I use a product called Aqueous cream. It is in a large plastic container and is for dry skin. It is also a soap as well, I have a very dry itchy skin and use it in the bath or shower. Just put some onto a wet flannel and drizzle over your skin. You can use it as a skin conditioner as well and after you have dried your body (leave it slightly damp) you can use the Aqueous as a skin conditioner by smoothing it into your skin. I have found it very good and does lesson the itching problem. Keep your skin moist and don't let it dry out. It it suits you use it all the time. Avoid any conditioners that contain chemicals.


Sounds like your problem is dry skin caused through water. Do you use any kind of moisturizer? I have the same problem and use a moisturizer called Aqueous. It is a white creamy ointment in a tub with a screw lid. It contains no chemicals and is a natural moisturizing liquid soap which can be used as both. Use in your bath or shower as a soap when wet it turns to a liquid and smooths and softens the skin. After drying yourself use it to moisturize your whole body. It leaves the skin soft and refreshed. You must keep it up and after a few washes will help to stop the itching. Also do not wear clothing that is rough on your skin as that will also cause itching. you must keep your skin moisturized at all time.


Have you solved your problem yet?

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