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How to stop itching on a night

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Hi all,

I suffer from eczema and have done since i was little. Im now 21 but it seems to be getting worse. During the day its just bearable but on a night (when im sleeping) im itching till i bleed. I’ve tried wearing gloves and socks etc. Tried dermol and oilatum, which my doctor prescribed me but nothing is working. Does anyone have any ideas of what might help or anything i could use to stop itching in my sleep.

Thank you

13 Replies

Are you reacting to something have you ever found out what ?

If you are taking the contraceptive pill this may be making things worse bc eczema is an autoimmune condition and oestrogen promotes autoimmune conditions

Some women find DHEA helps their eczema

bicarbonate of soda half a teaspoon is good have that in water before bed

Phenylalanine suppresses the immune system you can buy it from Holland&Barrett but don't take it if you are on any medication

Lastly Vaseline intensive care Advanced repair fragrence free is the best moisturiser I have ever used it is less than 2 pounds

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Im on the depo injection due to endo never thought of it being that.

I’ll try the bicarb in water.

Don’t think i’ve tried the vaseline. Ive used so many un fragranced products over the years.

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lillyofthevalley37 in reply to slclife

Has the eczema got worse dine the depo injection?

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Thinking about it and how long it’s been going on for yeah.

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The Vaseline intensive care is amazing they sell it in Savers

I imagine the injection will last for some time yet ?

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slclife in reply to lillyofthevalley37

Im due the next one in March but because of the endo they won’t take me off it.

I’ll have to pop to savers tomorrow i think.

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Have you tried eliminating all milk and milk products from your diet - butter, cheese, yoghurt etc?

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slclife in reply to Polski

I’ve tried but without thinking go for milk products. I’ve started keeping a food diary to try and figure out what it could be hopefully get some where soon.

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Start by figuring out how to eat breakfast without milk eg muesli with 'oatmilk' or similar. Then try removing it from your drinks - fruit tea or tea with soya (I find the sweetened-with-fruit-juice kind is easiest). Then look at your lunches (what about 'coconut butter' instead of butter, or spread your bread with hummus) Then finally work through your various evening menus. It is possible, and others have found this can make a definite difference.

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I had very little milk when younger as my sister has an allergy to milk protein and we all ate the same thing so definitely worth a try and is possible.

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Hi, I appreciate this is an old post but I had eczema from birth and only managed to clear it up when I had a water softener installed in my home.

One thing I did discover in my late teens was antihistamines. They stop the itching and allowed the skin to heal

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Have ye tried telfast or zirtek there over the counter antihistamines,

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Eurax cream stops my psoriasis from itching. I would be lost without it!

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